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C3D 2009 vs. 2011 save-times on Win7

If you are in the process of upgrading to Windows 7 (64-bit) and are still using Civil 3D 2009 you might notice files take longer to save.  In this example we are saving a 65mb file (very large file).  To save the file to the C: drive with Civil 3D 2009 on Windows XP it takes 45 seconds.  Whereas, with Civil 3D 2009 loaded on Windows 7 the same file takes 1.5 minutes to save.  So essentially, the file takes twice as long to save.  I have no idea why it takes longer to save, it just does.  Also note, C3D 2009 is not officially supported on Win7.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Civil 3D 2011 (64-bit), with ISAVEPERCENT set to 50% – after the 1st two saves – only takes 15 seconds to save the file.  So essentially it takes 1/3 of the time it took C3D 2009 to save on XP; an increase in proficiency.

After the jump see some more save-time results.  Including over the LAN and WAN (w\ Riverbeds).

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Migrating Your Vault to 2011

If you’re running Vault in 2010, and getting ready to make the move to 2011, there’s a couple of things you need to do to make the change. They’re certainly not major issues, but they could lead to some head scratching from you and your users. Make the jump to see what’s happening.

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Project Points in Vault

If you’re working with the Project Point database in a Vault environment, I’d like to talk to you. Leave me a comment so I can contact you. Thanks!

Restoring a Previous Version from Vault

I know companies are hesitant to use Vault with Civil 3D.  We were when we got started and it was a big decision for us, but now, I don’t know how we would live without Vault.  From either working on projects from remote locations – which now is easily possible – or having to send out (or pull-up) old CAD drawings for whatever reason, it just gives such piece of mind and flexibility.  I can’t tell you how may times a client has called me and wanted AutoCAD drawings from 2-3 weeks ago – before we started the last set of revisions – because it matched the paper copies he/she sent out to bid (unknown to use; private work).  Before, they were out of luck OR it involved tracking down backups with our I.T. department; a timely process.  But now with Vault, we can quickly address their needs.

Also, sometimes you need to backtrack during the design process.  Maybe it is a client change that makes more sense to go back to last weeks file(s) and start from there or maybe you just need a couple of drawing objects from last weeks file(s).  Additionally – and I know this never happens at your firm – maybe someone inadvertently screws something up in “your” file or deleted something that was needed.  With Vault, no problem!  – just restore the Previous Version.

Learn how after the jump…

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Vault Check-out Search

For my fellow Vault brothers and sisters:

Vault is a database right?  Well then we should be able to search the database and see who has files checked-out.  Good news, you can!  🙂

A couple uses for the search:

  1. Make sure you get all your files checked back into Vault.
  2. See who else is working in Civil 3D and on what files.

After the jump learn how to setup your own Vault search…


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