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2012 Teaser #2: XML Import and Alignments

There was this inherent problem when importing alignments using XML.  The imported alignment lost most of the intelligence like Free, Floating, and Fixed…well, it didn’t lose Fixed.  EVERYTHING was fixed.

Maybe you noticed the choice of words I used “There was…”.  ‘nuff said.


edit:  I hope I was clear in my post, but maybe I wasn’t based on Dave’s comment.  THIS IS A GOOD THING!  There WAS a problem prior to the 2012 release, now in 2012, the problem is gone.  Dave, I hope I didn’t confuse things.  It sounded to me as if you thought I was mentioning a bug.

Polylines, Alignments, and PI’s

You’ve created an alignment from a polyline, but upon inspection, there are no PI’s (line extensions) at any of the curves.  Why?  And, how can can I get ‘em?  Read on…

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Widen Your Horizons

Offset alignments and widenings were available with the 2010 version of Civil 3D.  They were enhanced for the 2011 version.  See how to manage your settings to get those widenings to look their best. Check it out after the jump! Read more

2011 is Here

Well, it may not be here exactly, but it’s been officially announced today.  We can talk about it without fear of a full body cavity search at the hands of Mr. Bass.

There should be several posts today from the various posters here at informing you of the cool new stuff.  Here are two:

64 Bit
Nuff said!  But remember; it won’t necessarily make your system faster, you just have access to more RAM, lots more.  Crashes due to memory will be all but non-existent, especially if you use Windows 7.

Alignment Offset Widening
Yes, we had them last year, but there’s a new enhancement that will make the transportation guys happy.  You can now have a widening offset alignment around a corner.  It is a segmented transition; no funky geometry is calculated, and there’s a setting for it.  The larger the number, the better the transition looks.  FIND THAT SETTING or your curve may not look like you thought.

That alone would be great, but the widenings are geometrically dynamic (I just made that up).  This means the widening and offset are linked with the geometry.  If you change the start station of stretch the alignment around prior to the offset and widen, they stay in place.


That’s t for now.  Stay tuned for many more today.

Matt Kolberg

Keep Your Curbed Islands Afloat

Grading in curbed islands can be a time consuming task and they often need to be changed based on the overall grading changes. Whether it’s a curbed island in a parking lot or a curbed median on a boulevard, secondary corridors give you another option to keep your islands dynamic.

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