Mastering C3D Errata

In an effort to make it easier to track issues, typos and other niggling problems in Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 we’re creating our own errata page. We’ll try to sort by page number.

And yes, there was a technical editor, and multiple reviews of the text, but you know, mistakes still happen. We’re acknowledging them to make it a better product.

Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012

Note that ALL data can be downloaded from Sybex’s pageĀ here.

Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011

Note that ALL data can be downloaded from Sybex’s pageĀ here.

Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010

Updated 7/29/2009

Note that ALL data can be downloaded from Sybex’s page here.

  • On page 15, the Macro Name should be, ExcelFunctions.ExportToExcel, not PipeSample

Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009

Updated 9/24/2008

Note that ALL data can be downloaded from Sybex’s page here.

  • The forward was left out of printing. You can download the PDF here.
  • Page 81: Step 7: Survey->Define Traverse Stations from Figure is not available in 2009. This exercise cannot be completed.

Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008

Updated 7/16/2008

  • Page 26: The Carson’s Way Alignment is not present in the Sample Site dwg. Replace Carson’s Way with Alignment-(2) to complete the exercise.
  • Page 58: The Deed actually has a closure error of 4.56~
  • Page 65: There are duplicate CONC figure styles. Just make one.
  • Page 127: The Aerial Contours.dwg on the disc does not contain the Aerial or Contours and Points styles needed. Download an updated version here.
  • Page 142: Step 4, Enter C at the command line to enter Crossing Selection mode.
  • Page 158: Step 13, Figure 5.38 was not labeled to show the colors. They are Red, Yellow, Green from top to bottom.
  • Page 168: The Surface Spot Labeleing.dwg was left off the media. Download it here.
  • Page 181: You may need an additional ENTER before “X” will dismiss the dialog.
  • Page 184: Select Properties 1, 2, 3, 4 AND 5 to get the proper ROW to appear.
  • Page 198: Figure 6.45 is wrong. It shows an intersection schematic instead of this image:


  • Page 211: The Segment Labels.dwg file is missing. Upload the dwg here.
  • Page 233: Step 1 & 2 can be skipped, the object is already a polyline.
  • Page 257: Step 1 in the Creating a Line Table exercise should read, “…Expand the Alignment->Table Styles branch.”
  • Page 277: Step 14 is REALLY difficult to get right. You need to have the END Osnap on before you pick the dropdowns. For proof it can be done, click on this link to watch my screen grab.
  • Page 332: The Profile View Labels.dwg was left off the disk. Download here.
  • Page 380: Steps 5 & 6 should be repeated for both the left and right Daylight subassemblies.
  • Page 393: Step 1: The corridor is built, but toggled off. Download a new dwg here.
  • Page 395: The corridor is already built in the shipping CD. Download an empty drawing here.
  • Page 410: Step 1: Should read, “Adjust the Start Station….”
  • Page 430: Step 2: Should read, “Select the Corridor in the drawing or in Prospector. Right-click and choose Corridor Properties, then switch to the Surfaces tab. Change the Surface Style….”
  • Page 430: Step 6: Should read, “Click Apply to add these feature lines, then switch to the Boundaries tab.”
  • Page 440: Step 1: The drawing on the CD is actually titled Offset Assembly Corridor.dwg.
  • Page 440: Step 5: Should read, “…Pick the far-right point of the right lane on the Project….”
  • Page 446: The Mastering Advanced Corridors.dwg file had some steps already completed. Download a new version here.
  • Page 692: The Conklin LDT Project Data was not on the installation disc. Download the zip file here, and place the Conklin folder in C:\LDT Import to match Figures 21.4 & 21.5.
  • Page 694: The Niblo.XML file did not make it on the installation disc. Download it here and place in C:\Mastering Civil 3D 2008\CH 21 for usage.

We have a few more we’re still investigating, but please check here if you think you’ve found a problem! Thank you again for all your assistance in making this the best text possible.

JW et al.

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