Civil 3D Plugins: Earthmine and Pictometry

Today at the Autodesk University Infrastructure Symposium I heard about some neat plug-ins for Map 3D and Civil 3D today that I think will be worth looking into. They both offer street view information to help enhance your models.

Have you used these plug-ins before? I will be downloading them when I get back to the office next week and will let you know what I think!

For some screenshots of the presentation and links to their websites, read more!




  1. Bill says:

    These look promising but I believe they are neither free nor easy to simply download and install. It looks like you ahve to contact them to even get a version of the program to install over Civil 3D and/or MAP.

  2. My mistake, Bill. I updated the post. I guess I should have done my research a little bit more. I thought that the word ‘free’ had been thrown around in the lecture but you appear to be right.