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Transition a Corridor Daylight Slope

Corridor daylight slopes are very easy…unless you need to transition from 1:1 to 5:1 over a station range.  It can be done, but it’s a little tricky.  Find out how after the jump.

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Subassembly Composer is a Reality

The labs pre-release version has been inoperative for only a scant couple of weeks before we have a fully functional permanent version.  Create your own intelligent subassemblies WITHOUT needing to have a PhD in Visual Basic coding.  Read on and stay tuned for further posts in the near future.

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Intersection Targets Gone Snaky

Have you ever created an intersection using Civil 3D’s magic intersection wizard?  Ok, it’s not magic, but it sure seemed that way when it was introduced.  So you’ve done one; has it ever looked totally wrong, or did something unexpected?  Read on to find out the details and the fix.

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Pressure Pipe Modeling with the Corridor Tools (PART II)

As a follow-up to the post “Pressure Pipe Modeling with the Corridor Tools“ see how to apply a design to your model, how the model updates all the crossings, and how you can project the design pressure pipe onto a road centerline profile.  Check it out after the jump…

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2011 – Corridors

There was a post in the Civil 3D Wishlist a while back.  It was centered around making corridors easier to modify.

Click a corridor in 2011 and have a glance at the Ribbon.  You’ll see a ton of stuff.

  • Set targets directly, and directly from the region you picked with your mouse.  No searching through the parameters tab trying to pick the correct region.
  • Set section frequency.
  • It’s very easy to add and remove custom sections
  • The entire corridor doesn’t need to rebuild.  When some edits are made, only that part of the corridor is rebuilt – faster.
  • If you have offset targets, there is a setting to automatically add sections at the geometry points for those targets – perfect!
  • And more…

Mat Kolberg