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Autodesk labs | Interactive Terrain Shaping for Civil 3D

imageThe toolset that many have been waiting for was just released on Autodesk labs. The Interactive Terrain Shaping for AutoCAD Civil 3D. These tools give Civil 3D users the capability to shape and mold various features related to grading, with direct pick, apply, and drag functionality. The Labs site stated that the intent was to "facilitate the development of comprehensive grading plans that can be easily tuned through the development cycle".


A new Ribbon tab is installed in Civil 3D, and contains numerous tools including terrain feature shapes, including:

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How to do business development with SITEOPS!


We invite you to a special webinar session in which A.J. Whitaker, PE, PLS and Director of Site Development for Ware Malcomb, shares business development tactics and best practices for getting the most out of SITEOPS, patented online collaborative CAD software.

A.J. will share real-world examples of how SITEOPS has helped him win projects, find new solutions for sites, and “wow” clients through the power of online optimization and collaboration. “The clients love it and we’re winning new business as a result.”


When: Wednesday, June 23 – 2PM-3PM EST
Guest Speaker: A.J. Whitaker, PE and PLS, Director of Site Development
Who should attend: Engineers, Architects, CEO/VPs of AEC firms

Register today to reserve your seat:

Fry Your Brain with SITEOPS® (Repeat)

(Yes, I’m repeating this post. There’s another seminar tomorrow, register here.)

One of my favorite feelings is when I can watch a demo and feel my jaw drop. Civil 3D the first time, iPhoto with Face matching, Sketchbook on the iPhone. The past few years, I’ve always made a point to visit SITEOPS crew at AU. I saw some of their stuff a few years back, and it was neat, but felt a bit of a one-trick pony. This year? I got my jaw dropped. We had a few minutes to chat, and I am just blown away by how much this stuff has improved in the current releas

So, want to enjoy a good smile and watch how design should be done? They’re hosting a webinar on Wednesday to discuss how their clients use SITEOPS in the site design process for schools, but I think you’ll see quickly how your company could use this. There’s a 10 minute demo here and check out the full webinar. Be sure to bring a napkin for the drool.


Double-Click your way to new heights in your grading

One of the greatest things about AutoCAD products is that they are very customizable. Being that Civil 3D is a vertical product of AutoCAD, it too, is very customizable. I’m going to share with you one way you can customize your Civil 3D to improve your grading efficiency without having to know one bit of programming code.

Similar to the contextual ribbon appearing when a certain object is selected.  We’re going to assign a command to a Civil 3D object when it is double-clicked. I’m going to show you one of my favorite ones, and that is evoking the Quick Elevation Edit or (AeccQuickEditFeatureElevs) command for Feature Lines.

This will surely save you some grading time. Do you want to see how to set this up?

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Good Reading: Creating a Pond Access Ramp

In case you don’t live and breathe Civil 3D blogs like I do, there’s a great post by the grading guru, Eric Chappell over on Civil3dpedia. Check it out here: Creating a Pond Access Ramp.