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So Who Needs Vault?

As more users begin unwrapping their C3D 2009 boxes and make the jump, we’re seeing more and more questions about Vault and Data Shortcuts in the groups and in our mailboxes. I’ve been a huge advocate of Vault the past two releases, basically as a matter of riding the horse ya got. Vault wasn’t perfect (and it fact, downright sucked sometimes,) but it was better than using data shortcuts in my opinion.

Jump back to last fall, when I first got a look at Data Shortcuts for 2009. My first question was, “So who needs Vault?” The answer is after the jump. Read more

We Don’t Need No Stinking Patches

Well, yeah, ok maybe we do. Especially if we’re running Vault. Somehow, the boys and girls in Manchester managed to get the patch for 2008 to play with ADMS (Vault) 2009 uploaded and it slipped by us. Read on for more info and the link.

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Kill the DWFit!

Sing it like Elmer Fudd, it’s a much funnier headline. (YouTube, about 1:35 in.)

I know that I’ve told at least a few people that you couldn’t get rid of the DWF plotting by default in a Vault Check-in. Seems I was reading too fast, and not clearly enough. It happens, I scan a lot of things I read, it’s an embarrassing habit sometimes. Anyway, read past the jump to see the six-click solution.

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HELP! I Can’t Write to my Survey Database!

So you’ve decided that you’re going to tackle the two most often misunderstood things inside Civil 3D – Vault and the Survey Database. You’ve created a Vault project and you flip over to the survey tab of toolspace and notice that there’s now a Survey Database with the same name. Cool! This software really is smart, it knew I was going to create a Survey Database! You get ready to get down and get busy, and create a network – BZZZT! You get an error saying that the Survey Database isn’t writable, and that you may not have permissions to access it. Now you go into full-on panic mode, eventually slipping off into the muttering frenzy of how badly this software sucks and how it won’t do what you want it to do.  Settle down, there’s a really good explanation.  Follow the link to lower your blood pressure just a little bit.

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RegEdit Your Way to Folder Bliss

I know I’ve seen this before, but since a quick google turned up nothing, and I didn’t blog it here, I was clueless on the exact Registry path that holds the Project Template Directory. If your firm is working with Vault, and you want your project folder to look like it always has, you should check this out. You’ve got a folder setup that looks something like this:


And you need to make sure everyone uses it as they create new Vaulted projects. There’s a little help, after the jump.

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