Migrating Your Vault to 2011

If you’re running Vault in 2010, and getting ready to make the move to 2011, there’s a couple of things you need to do to make the change. They’re certainly not major issues, but they could lead to some head scratching from you and your users. Make the jump to see what’s happening.

First, when you login to 2011, your Vault branch is going to look something like this:


All your displayed projects are going to be out of date. If you pause over the chevron, the message is, “The project must be migrated before it can be used.” So what’s kind of migration are we talking about? Primarily, it has to do with Survey information. With the move to 64-bit, C3D had to move Survey information from the Survey.sdb and sdx files to sdbx and sdxx as shown here. Before and After respectively:

image image

So, easy enough right? Where’s the gotchas?

1. You need to have full rights on the Project to migrate it.

If you’ve done anything cute with privileges in terms of locking up Survey data, you’ll have some issues trying to migrate. To make life simple, I’d suggest you log in as the Vault Admin from C3D and migrate all your projects in one process.

2. Once you go forward, you can’t go back.

I know, this is obvious to some of you, but I think it bears repeating.

More news to come, it’s a big couple of weeks here at Civil3d.com, so hold on for the ride….

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