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Surface Volumes 301

A post in the discussion group today got my attention.  Calculating end area volumes based on your EG versus your Corridor Datum is easy and it’s explained in various publications including the Civil 3D tutorials, the Learning Civil 3D manual, among others.  There are often far more complicated calculations that need to be done, however.  Read on…

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Civil 3D Fundamentals – Calculating Quantities from a Corridor

Lately, I’ve been seeing quite a few questions on the Civil 3D discussion group regarding volumes and quantities. Volumes can be pretty straightforward, but individual material quantities can be a bit more in-depth. Following the link will hopefully illustrate this process a bit better.

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Get Stripped

No, this isn’t some kind of weird SPAM post or hack or anything. This is, in fact, a genuine Civil 3D article. Actually, it’s a little pun regarding the upcoming Autodesk University in Las Vegas. You know…The Strip. I had to throw in the obvious definition for Jason’s sake 🙂

I’ve been plagued recently with people asking how to calculate stripping using a corridor. They know the old standby method, you know the one; copy your OG surface and drop it by the depth of material to be stripped and then calculate cut and fill to this new surface. It works, but this way is cooler.

Let’s see how we can handle stripping in a corridor, shall we?

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Volume Labels on a Section View?

I’ve had people request a way to put volume labels on a section view before, but I had no really good way to do it. I thought that I had heard some rumblings in Manchester about being able to do that in Civil 3D 2008, but quickly glanced at it and forgot about it when I couldn’t find an easy way to do it. This morning on my drive in, sections were really on my mind for some reason, and I remembered wanting to be able to add the volume labels. So, I asked my good pal Nick Zeeben if it was there – he told me that it was, and where to find it. He even let me in on the secret, which I’ll let you people know in a few minutes. So, if you think you’d like to see a section view that has the information shown in the image below, click more to see how it’s done.

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Intersection Design Made Easy

I’ve been putting this off for weeks for varying reasons, but the main reason is because I think I suffer from adult-onset ADD. I am so busy when I finally do get a day or two to spend in the office that I get VERY distracted VERY easily. So yesterday, as I’m on the phone with a reader of this site, I’m browsing some of the other blogs out there (see, I told you I get distracted), and came across Angel’s latest post regarding a program from our friends across the pond at CADApps. Believe it or not, there’s a reason we look to alternatives for intersection design – Civil 3D lacks any automation tools for the process. The whole process is tedious.

So, if you’ve read Angel’s post, you now have seen his reaction to CADApps’ program. Now, click more to see my alternative (guess you can’t figure out where this is going…)

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