2012 Supports Development with the .Net Framework 4.0

Visual Studio 2010 has been out for awhile but really couldn’t be used for development without some workarounds to Debug. Now, not only can you use Visual Studio 2010 but also the additional features and tools within the .Net Framework 4.0 while developing add-ins for AutoCAD 2012.

In fact, the wording used from a reliable source was “Visual Studio 2010 is required to debug .NET applications in AutoCAD 2012 (although .NET plug-ins built using Visual Studio 2008 will load and run fine without rebuilding).”  – Underline is mine

For any of us who develop applications for AutoCAD and Civil 3D, this is GREAT news!!


  1. john coon says:

    that’s a huge plus for those of us trying to move from VBA to dot net

  2. Heard of anyone can actually step through the debugger in VS2010 and C3D 2012? Seen plenty of discussions on blogs/news groups where they can’t get it to work (neither can I).

  3. I have just started working in C3D 2012 (I don’t code in Beta unless forced) and VS2010 writing base code (no testing yet). Thus, I have not gotten a chance to see if it works. I will try to get to testing this coming week.

    Nevertheless, I have been developing and testing with ACAD 2012 for around a month now with absolutely no problems debugging using VS2010.

    Have you tried some of the steps suggested from the discussions?