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2012 Supports Development with the .Net Framework 4.0

Visual Studio 2010 has been out for awhile but really couldn’t be used for development without some workarounds to Debug. Now, not only can you use Visual Studio 2010 but also the additional features and tools within the .Net Framework 4.0 while developing add-ins for AutoCAD 2012.

In fact, the wording used from a reliable source was “Visual Studio 2010 is required to debug .NET applications in AutoCAD 2012 (although .NET plug-ins built using Visual Studio 2008 will load and run fine without rebuilding).”  – Underline is mine

For any of us who develop applications for AutoCAD and Civil 3D, this is GREAT news!!

Civil 3D .Net API – Getting Command Settings

This is continuation of a series focusing on Civil 3D’s .Net API.

One of the great features of Civil 3D is its settings controls. Settings are based upon a hiearchal format (for more information on Settings see this former post).

We are going to look at how to get the settings at different levels.

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Civil 3D.Net – Civil Namespaces

This is continuation of a series focusing on Civil 3D’s .Net API. We are going to talk about the main namespaces found under the Autodesk.Civil Namespace. This will hopefully help you find what you are looking for while programming.

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Civil3D.Net – Getting the Alignment Station Label Styles

This begins hopefully a long running series of how to use the .Net API for Civil 3D. The series will run as long as there are suggestions and ideas for what to write. For example, the exercise below is based upon Mike Robertson’s suggestion (hope I understood it right Mike).

All exercises will be based upon the assumption that you have read the Civil 3D .Net API 101 Series located here:

Ok to the exercise

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Customizing Civil 3D

One of the greatest strengths of Autodesk products is the extensive Application Programming Interface (API), which gives users the ability to customize and extend the functionality of the software. In the past, some favorite techniques included using Visual Lisp or VBA to create any needed customizations. However, technology has been changing, and with Civil 3D, we need a somewhat different approach…

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