The Five Questions for Dan and Dave

So, Dan and Dave will be getting a fresh e-mail from me in their inbox shortly. One that surprisingly enough doesn’t include words I can’t say in front of my daughter, or ask them for clarification on some obscure feature, or make them wonder why they haven’t banned me from their inboxes.

This one is the magic five from you, I’m just the courier. So, what questions made the cut? What pressing issues will Dan and Dave attempt to address without their spiffy webcast? Check the jump to get your Five Questions with Dan and Dave!

So, in no particular order, as selected by your editors here (OK, mainly me, but with some discussion,) here are the questions we’re sending to the D&D show.

  1. I would like to know why there are still big issues with grading stability after 5 years of product releases. I suspect there is a fundamental problem with the topology model. Could we get some explanations as to what is the reason for the continued problems? -Neil Wilson
  2. I would like to know why in certain areas of labeling we have access to certain information and not others. To me if the program has the information, then why is it only available in limited areas? And finally, why can we not edit labels and add any “Fields” to the labels? When will data in C3D objects be exposed to Fields? -Daryl Standrich & Matt Anderson (Forgive my merging, trying to get bang for the buck here. JW)
  3. Why have all the “RETIRED” macros and the LDT utilities been taken away from Civil 3D that have been in Land Desktop for years? -Jonathan Stewart
  4. As Surveyors are targeted as users of Civil, can you explain why geospatial features, particularly FDO data acces capabilities are left out? Base geospatial data integral to many Surveyors’ workflow are increasingly supplied via WMS severs and server based data stores. I can understand leaving out GIS analysis tools from Civil, but why base data access capability? – Steve Nieradka
  5. When will there be more work done on (Insert Pet Feature Here)? – A bunch of folks. We al know that won’t be addressed, but maybe we can work it… Can you give us ANY guidance on the C3D development roadmap? What’s do YOU see as the important features to be addressed still?
  • Bonus Question: Where are they now? What happened to the Dan and Dave Show? Why the lack of Civil faces everywhere now a days? Back when we first started down this road with C3D, Dan, Dave & Peter were always on the boards and such discussing problems and offering advice on work arounds. Seems like since C3D was moved under the AEC group, we’ve lost our 3 Musketeers. Just doesn’t seem the same anymore. I’d like to know what happened? – Rick Graham and Shawn Caldwell

When I get the answers, you know where you’ll find them. Thanks to all that submitted questions, both here and my inbox. We’ll be doing this again in the next few month. Got a favorite ‘Desker or industry guru you want under the gun? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Eric Colburn says:

    In regard to question 1, there are many stability issues remaining to be resolved. Why is this?

    I agree with and understand completely Steve Nieradka’s question no. 4 and would add that more input from professional land surveyors in the development of C3D is fundamental to the success and implementation of C3D by the land surveying and AEC industries. Being a land surveyor, I am biased, however it usually AEC projects start with the surveyor and is carried out by the surveyor.

    I’m not sure if the developers of C3D are just missing the boat in areas of significant importance to land surveyors, or if they are getting bad advice from the land surveyors (if this is the case) on their development team?

    I would like you to include Donnie Gladfelter, The CAD Geek. Got to love that name.

  2. Woot! I got in on the bonus question! It really isn’t the same without the two of them around.

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