Monday Rundown: Subscribers, Jobs, Videos, AU, Golf

Happy Mondays to all! We’re always making changes here at EE, this week’s nothing new. Here’s the rundown.

  • Five Questions for Dan and Dave is almost closed. Get over there and ask them what you always wanted to know. Remember, they can’t disclose future features, but they can answer lots of other things. Be creative!
  • CivilAccess customers should make sure your login reflects your corporate e-mail address. We will turn on access based on your company domain, so be sure to get all your goodies by updating your contact information here.
  • Opportunities page listings are free (as in beer,) for a limited time with only a placement fee if your firm hires someone. Nothing risked, nothing gained, so if you’re one of the few folks looking for help right now, visit the Opportunities page and get started.
  • Video archives are hopefully going online this week for CA customers. These include all the recorded EECasts to date, classes, quick lessons, all the stuff you need to keep moving and learning in C3D. If you want access to the best Civil 3D information and classes on-demand, shouldn’t you be a CivilAccess customer?
  • EE@AU is 100%. Every single member of the technical team will be teaching at AU this year. To celebrate, we’ll be giving away a free pass to the conference to a lucky subscriber. Keep your eyes open.
  • Speaking of AU, I’ve already started pondering golf courses in Vegas for the Duffer’s Open. If you’re going to AU, don’t miss the best unofficial AU golf tournament going. More details on that to come soon.

I think that’s enough for a Monday, don’t you? As always, thanks for coming by.

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