Well, Dam.

Every now and then we find ourselves doing the same thing over and over and over. image So did one of your fellow readers. The blue surface at right is a pair of subassemblies, custom written to model a dam face with varying slopes as the height changes. It’s the kind of thing that  sounds simple, but becomes an exercise in tedium as the design changes, making the creation of multiple assemblies and managing the regions an exercise in tedium.

EE prepared this subassembly for a client, who has already recovered the cost in under one week. Next time you find yourself repeating a process over and over, drop us an e-mail. A little programming can turn an instant headache to an instant solution.


  1. Priyanka Kashkari says:

    looks impressive….what all subassemblies did u use?

  2. We wrote custom subassemblies to handle the entire structure as one piece.

  3. SIMON O'HANLON says:

    can i get a copy