Two Kinds of Copy: Avoid Unnecessary Site Duplication with Feature Lines

The other day I accidentally discovered something with copying feature lines.

Suddenly, I wound up with all of these extra sites.  I couldn’t figure out what was happening.


Read on to find out WHY this happened and how to prevent it.

Using Clipboard Copy (Control+C) and Paste (Control+V) to copy your feature line will create a new site each time you paste the feature line.  The clipboard copy acts similarly to a block insert- each instance is treated as copying the feature line AND the site.  This is useful for things like copying a building footprint that you would like to place on a new site for another design scenario that doesn’t interact with the original footprint.


Using the AutoCAD copy command makes a copy of the feature line on the same site as the original feature line.  This would be useful for copying a building footprint of a house to additional lots down the same street- maybe these footprints will be used as a foundation for the same grading object, etc.



  1. MAnderson says:

    That’s WHY! Thanks for the info Dana.

  2. Sindarin says:

    Hey Dana,

    I have had this problem when I have copied anything from Civil 3D really. Anything that is a AEC object within Civil 3D.

    I used to right click and copy with a base point of 0,0,0 and then paste it at 0,0,0. It used to duplicate the WHOLE JOB! I would have to go through and delete everything it duplicated. I never did find out why, buy a normal AutoCad copy command works just fine.