Operating Siteless

Jeff is a guest, let me know what you think!-JW

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Jeff Mishler, I live and work in the wine country of northern California. I’ve used Autocad since 1986 and have been customizing Autocad pretty much since Lisp was introduced to us. I am relatively new to the Civil3D scene, however. I still am unable to use it full time in my work, as we (all 3 of us in my firm) have too many consultants that live in the Dark Ages (R14-R2002) that we must support. Therefore my knowledge of it is no where near that of the other contributors here. Now that you know a bit about me, let’s get to this new siteless thing…after the jump.

We’ve all gottem used to using sites (we HAVE haven’t we??) to keep our parcels, alignments, and grading objects seperated. Sometimes, though, haven’t you wished you could draw an alignment that doesn’t interact with anything else, including other alignments? Well now you can! Yep, with 2008 comes the new Siteless collection of alignments. Any alignments placed in this collection do not create parcels, affect feature lines or even other alignments in that collection. I have found it great for transition alignments and for general laying out test alignments to show clients different road layouts with no lots.

The Siteless Alignments collection is the default location for new alignments, so it’s easier to not accidentally draw an alignment over your parcels and have it split them all up. Decide you want to keep the alignment and include with your parcels? No problem, just move it to the Site you want it on. Works fast and easy.

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  1. Well Jeff, Welcome to the growing list of guest contributors. But if we have to buy Hickey’s beer at A.U. we need some more help.