Civil 3D 2007 SP2

Yes, it’s here. Finally. However, a word of warning:

A few people are loading SP2 and running into problems. Every one that I’ve seen reported has found the Civil 3D Google Earth Extension to be the problem. After an uninstall of that extension, the new SP2 works fine and dandy.

So, before you go crying to the newsgroups about how bad SP2 sucks and how Autodesk isn’t doing a good job, try that fix. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

ed. note: James is right, 5 or 10 isn’t many. However, when you read the same post over and over and over and over again in the discussion groups, it seems like everyone, not just a few. The knee-jerk reaction of “this SP doesn’t work” was irking me a bit this past weekend. To better describe the problem, I’ve changed the wording of my original post.

Nick’s additional note: I peeled open the google earth extension using ORCA from msft. The version that is available for download still appears to be 1.0. This would be why it isnt working with SP2, there is obviously a known issue, but the update for the google earth extension doesnt seem to be posted yet.

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  1. Five or 10 is not many….

    And just as a side note, is anyone using the GE Extension for anything but a nifty toy yet?