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Civil 3D 2010 – Getting Started Movies

Today I want to continue on the Civil 3D 2010 Splash Screen. On the right-hand side of this screen, you’ll see a series of Getting Started movies for you to view.

The following movies are available for you to view:
  • Understand the User Interface
  • Create a Surface
  • Create an Alignment
  • Design a Simple Profile
  • Create Parcels
  • Create a Basic Corridor
  • Create an Intersection
  • Create a Pipe Network
As you run your mouse over each of the options, you will see a short description under the Main Welcome screen of what the demonstration is all about.
Clicking on any of these will open up a new screen entitled Civil 3D Tutorial Animations.
Although the demonstration says there is no audio, a better description would be that there is no voice audio. The mouse clicks on each step gives a ‘click’ sound. I’m not sure why they would have wanted this. Also, it is my opinion that the movies are bit fast to view some of the text. There is no (current as of the version that I have) method of slowing down or pausing. [Edit: the release version DOES have a nice fast-forward, rewind and pause button]
The demonstrations are well done visually.
It’s a version 1.0, so I’m sure there will be more improvements in future releases.