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Subassembly Composer Series: Part 5: End of the Year Bonus Tutorial

With things being the way they are and many companies experiencing financial troubles, some people may not be getting an end of the year bonus this year. I’m not going to be handing out a nice fat bonus check to all the wonderful civil3d.com readers but I do have a little end of the year bonus for you that will save you time and in my unbiased opinion will change the way you design behind the curb. It’s a nice “simple” shoulder subassembly but it solves two problems that I have always grumbled about. Problem #1 is I wanted a subassembly in fill to daylight with an upward slope if the slope it was connecting to was sloping upward and with a downward slope if the slope it was connecting to was sloping downward. This problem is solved with this subassembly. Problem #2 is I wanted the same subassembly to truncate the shoulder if the shoulder intersects with the surface. This is often the case when I am doing a road rehab job and don’t need a full shoulder and have less area of disturbance. This problem is also solved with this subassembly.

So this wonderful end of the year bonus comes with a little caveat, it’s sort of like a Lego® set, I’m going to give you all of the pieces but you have to put it together yourself in order to use it. Although I can’t stop you from putting it all together and handing it out like candy, I do encourage you to hand others the tutorial and let them put it together themselves. This is two bonuses in one, not only will it walk you through the thought process and set up of the Autodesk Subassembly Composer but I think it will be a subassembly that you will use again and again. So without further ado… Your End of the Year Bonus is below the cut!

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