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Civil 3D 2010 – The case of the missing icons

OK, so I closed my C3D 2010 down on Friday and start it up today. On the Annotate tab and Labels & Tables panel, the Add Labels and Add Tables icons are GONE! I can’t even click in there thinking that perhaps they are just hidden – nope, they are GONE!

So, I start to think what is different from Friday to today. I stumbled up on this and I can reporduce it on my laptop and my workstation:

If you close C3D 2010 with the Anotate tab activate, restart C3D, the icons are GONE! If you change to the Home tab and close and reopen – go to Annotate tab, it is there.

So, I tried it with all the tabs and it seems like all of them do that.

So – until a fix or workaround is avaialble, remember to switch your tab to HOME before you shut down. EDIT – Thanks to Murph, another workaround is to go to a new workspace and then go back to the previous one and your Labels & Tables will be back. And to give further credit – this was discussed in the beta forum but I guess I either forgot about it or overlooked it.