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Yes, ANNOAUTOSCALE is an AutoCAD setting, but hey, Civil 3D is an AutoCAD-based product so I’m thinking it’s fair game.  This variable can be a good thing, but it has functionality that could be described as highly undesirable.  Read on for more…

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Creating Linetypes

There are many ways that companies handle adding text to lines – from the Land Desktop routines that trimmed a line into multiple segments and through the text in between to using blocks (or now just Mtext) and masking. However, the most common way to add text to lines is to create a special linetype. Let’s just create a few linetypes of our own.

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Civil 3D 2010 – The case of the missing icons

OK, so I closed my C3D 2010 down on Friday and start it up today. On the Annotate tab and Labels & Tables panel, the Add Labels and Add Tables icons are GONE! I can’t even click in there thinking that perhaps they are just hidden – nope, they are GONE!

So, I start to think what is different from Friday to today. I stumbled up on this and I can reporduce it on my laptop and my workstation:

If you close C3D 2010 with the Anotate tab activate, restart C3D, the icons are GONE! If you change to the Home tab and close and reopen – go to Annotate tab, it is there.

So, I tried it with all the tabs and it seems like all of them do that.

So – until a fix or workaround is avaialble, remember to switch your tab to HOME before you shut down. EDIT – Thanks to Murph, another workaround is to go to a new workspace and then go back to the previous one and your Labels & Tables will be back. And to give further credit – this was discussed in the beta forum but I guess I either forgot about it or overlooked it.