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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

It seems like all I ever write up around here is notice of change. Here’s the last one from me.

Esteemed community player, professional engineer, author, twitterati, and cool-cat Kati Mercier, P.E. is taking over The site will probably be randomly up and down for the next couple of days, but bear with us as we get it all worked out. If you have questions, you can find her on twitter: @kdinctpe.

That’s all for me, exiting to the left. Thanks.

Job Openings – Civil

Just a shout out to the crowd that we have a customer with positions available in Chicago (2) and Dallas (1).  If their business sector seems to mesh with your skill set, you are looking for work, and you live in one of these great cities please email your resumes to and we’ll pass them along.  The firm has asked us to recommend folks that we can hopefully vouch for directly or indirectly through trusted colleagues, so on your cover letter please include any references of note that we can follow up with.  Here is the general overview of the department with open positions:

Roads, bridges, tunnels, dams and other civil engineering feats are taken for granted by many. Given that the amount of engineering and construction work that is necessary to design and develop such projects is enormous, opportunities for mistakes and accidents abound.

When civil engineering projects are damaged because of accident, failure or natural disaster, complex technical issues must be considered and the immediate concern for life and safety is paramount. At the same time, any evidence that helps identify the cause of the failure must be carefully documented and preserved.

Our civil engineering experts specialize in the investigation of complex structural failures and other accidents. Working with other forensic experts from various disciplines, our civil engineers are able to quickly and cost-effectively determine the cause and extent of:

Structural Collapses

Materials Failures

Subsidence, Sinkholes and Geotechnical Incidents

Roofing System Failures

If this is up your alley they would like to get you some additional detail about the exact job description as well as consider you for immediate employment.

Map 3D and Murphs Law: Raster, Raster, Who has a Raster

My old pal Murph has a great rundown of using images in Map and C3D. I’ve always been a fan of using the Map-> Image insert method, but he covers all the bases and really gets into the benefits of each. Go check it out!

License or Sale?

This is a short one more to inspire the thought and debate. Check out the ruling summary over on Wiley Rein regarding Vernor v. Autodesk, Inc. This is going to get interesting. Despite resistance, I think we’ll eventually move to expiring floating licenses that _maybe_ come at a lower initial cost.

I hate the no resale clause of the Adesk EULA. I find it particularly nasty now as many Engineers try to go their way as their former employers contract. With this clause gone, it would be easy for firms to let engineers take a seat as part of their severance and make it easier for said ex-employees to make a go of it independently. Trying to start up an independent business with a ~10K hardware/software sinkhole (C3D) is a hell of a burden for the land development guys that are struggling to make ends meet. What do you think? Let’s make this one lively!

Wiley Publishing Partners with Engineered Efficiency on Free Training Outreach

Following is the latest press release regarding the Engineered Efficiency FREE Training Outreach

March 19, 2009–Wiley Publishing, Inc., publishers of Mastering AutoCad Civil 3D, announced that it  is partnering with Engineered Efficiency, Inc. in support of their free CAD training outreach launched last week. In just one week, hundreds have requested the free training, and most have pledged to spread the word. While most of the Civil 3D classes offered by EE use custom-developed courseware, two of the eight courses available in the free training program use the Wiley Mastering book. With today’s announcement, free training registrants to the EE Core Concepts class and EE Styles class will receive a 50% discount on the purchase of Mastering AutoCad Civil 3D 2009 directly from Wiley.

“We’ve developed a great partnership with Wiley writing and developing Mastering Civil 3D and Introducing Civil 3D over the past few years,” says James Wedding, PE Vice President and Director of Technical Services at EE. “This offer from Wiley to provide the book at half price to those who have lost their jobs underscores that relationship and their willingness to help the end user.”

Available free classes range from learning Civil 3D core concepts, styles creation, and data management to process-based advanced design classes in transportation, hydrology, survey and more. To qualify, users simply need to contact EE at and fill out the registration form.  Upon verification, users will be sent a link to register for the class of their choosing. For more information, visit their website or contact EE at 866-760-8724.

About Engineered Efficiency, Inc.

Engineered Efficiency, Inc is the premier provider of CAD related sales, consulting services and training in North America. The company specializes in the AEC industry, leveraging their real-world professional experience and software expertise to help their clients maximize productivity. Engineered Efficiency’s full time staff and extensive network of industry professionals provides consulting services throughout the nation and around the globe. For company and contact information, please visit