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James, AU, and Autodesk

I know, I’m a little late getting up some sort of post-AU review post. What can I say, I’m actually busy. I got to see and visit with a fair number of you while I was there, and my class on handling floodplains in Civil 3D went better than I expected. I took the Civil 3D Professional exam, and really enjoyed AU without booth duty. I had a few questions before, during and since AU regarding what I’m up to these days so I wanted to clear a little bit of confusion.

Raider Consulting, LLC that runs and maintains is my personal consulting company. I do training, implementation, and support for companies all over on an as needed basis–a  gunslinger for hire.

Many of you saw me working in the Autodesk AEC Lounge at AU and have seen me post on the Discussion Groups using an address, and wondered when that had happened. Right now, I’m working with Nick, Dana (Judge, not that crazy Probert chick,) and the rest of the QA team as a contractor to make Civil 3D a better product, so you’ll see me occasionally ask for data or information using that address. I think Nick takes real pleasure in being my boss of sorts.

To that end, I’m cutting back on some of my posts here, and I’m hoping my co-bloggers will step up some. I don’t want to be in a conflict with the obvious NDAs I’m working under, so you’ll see very few hard core posts from me over the next few months. I hope you’ll enjoy the posts from Mark, Matt, Kevin, Rick, Joshua and the rest of the team, or perhaps you’ll add your own voice to the mix. Drop me an e-mail if you want to get involved. wedding@ this domain.

Hope this clears up some confusion, and thanks for being part of the

Oh, and thanks Shaan for the picture.

James at AU

I’m headed to my tenth (!) AU on Monday morning and hope to see you there. I’m working in the Autodesk AEC Lounge this year, along with Nick Zeeben, Jason Hickey, Dana Judge, and a whole host of other smart folks, so come pick our collective brains.

I’ll be teaching on Tuesday, then in the AEC Lounge on Wednesday from 8-4 (minus the keynote,) then on Thursday from 10-2.The first person to mention Raider Consulting in the AEC Lounge will get a copy of the market-leading Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 book. You can probably even get Scott and I to deface it if you’d like.

This will be a short year for me this year, not being part of the EE booth lets me get out of Vegas right at my threshold, so I’m on a Thursday night flight. Short and sweet this year, but I still hope to see a lot of you there! on YouTube

Today I’ve started my own channel on YouTube. The combination of Jing, YouTube, and a fast connection make it too easy to share quick videos with you. You can check it out at I will generally also embed the videos here, but jump to YouTube for the full resolution display. I’m recording them at 1280×720 to match the Autodesk vids, so hopefully it will work well for everyone!

Make the jump to view the first video, using 3D Polylines to show ROW lines in Section Views. Read more

Delivering Mastering Civil 3D to Your Office or Group

I’ve got the roads to San Antonio and to Amarillo, pretty well memorized after all the trips I’ve made living here for over 20 years. And I know the flight codes for a lot of places, from Seattle to Manchester to Vegas to Kansas City.

But it’s time for me to find some new places to visit. As an independent consultant, I’m of the, “Have gun, will travel,” school, and will deliver training, consulting, or pizza to your company, whether next door or around the globe. I offer in-house expertise and real-world experience at a reasonable price, and will support your team throughout the process.

If you’re part of a local users group or part of local chapter of ASCE, NSPE, or the like, drop me a line too. I’m obviously a big fan of communities of users (this blog, AU, the discussion groups, etc.) and I’m a big fan of our professional societies. I want to support your efforts to support your membership, and will work with you to offer classes at a significant discount for your members.

If you want to know more about training or consulting for your office or group, drop me an email, wedding@ this domain, and let’s work together to create a plan for your future.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: Engineered Efficiency and Raider Consulting

Engineered Efficiency has recently completed the transition from being an Autodesk ISV partner to an Autodesk Value Added Reseller based in Chicago. What does this mean to you? It means that EE is now available as a traditional reseller to those of you in the upper Midwest area, offering the same great software, training, and support. EE will also continue to offer their CivilAccess and GuidedAccess implementation programs nationwide, delivering consulting, training and support when you need it, where you need it, all via your network. If you are an existing EE customer or have received a proposal from EE in the past, please contact Marc Meyers at 630-773-8724 x 26 for an update on how this change will benefit your firm.

This change also presented me with a unique opportunity to head out as an independent consultant. As Raider Consulting, LLC, I am offering open enrollment classes in addition to on-site consulting, training and mentoring for companies nationally and worldwide. If you’re interested in talking more about how I can help your company take full advantage of Civil 3D, or perhaps want to discuss offering a class in your area, please let me know. You can mail me at wedding@ this domain or call 972.989.1122 to get started talking about your C3D needs.

In the coming months EE will also be transitioning away from contributing and advertising on this blog.  Their new exclusive home will be, so keep an eye out for an announcement here in the near future when it’s ready for you to use as an additional resource.

Thanks for being part of the EE and family over the years, and we look forward to continuing to serve you as Engineered Efficiency and Raider Consulting!