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Fry Your Brain with SITEOPS® (Repeat)

(Yes, I’m repeating this post. There’s another seminar tomorrow, register here.)

One of my favorite feelings is when I can watch a demo and feel my jaw drop. Civil 3D the first time, iPhoto with Face matching, Sketchbook on the iPhone. The past few years, I’ve always made a point to visit SITEOPS crew at AU. I saw some of their stuff a few years back, and it was neat, but felt a bit of a one-trick pony. This year? I got my jaw dropped. We had a few minutes to chat, and I am just blown away by how much this stuff has improved in the current releas

So, want to enjoy a good smile and watch how design should be done? They’re hosting a webinar on Wednesday to discuss how their clients use SITEOPS in the site design process for schools, but I think you’ll see quickly how your company could use this. There’s a 10 minute demo here and check out the full webinar. Be sure to bring a napkin for the drool.


Take Charge of Your C3D Rollout

As of today we are up to 303 Civil 3D projects in Vault, company wide, and we just passed our one-year hallmark of our Civil 3D rollout.2009.12.16-Vault count



1. How many projects does your company have in Civil 3D?


2. How many years (or months) has your company been using Civil 3D on real world projects?



Leave a comment below…

If you are floundering with your rollout, here are a couple of key things we did that I think really helped.

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Free Training; Free Tech Support; Free Video Classes

There are no more excuses for not renewing your AutoCAD Civil 3D Subscription and using it! Please watch this short video to learn more about this fantastic offer from Engineered Efficiency and its nationwide network of EE Preferred Partner Autodesk resellers.

To learn more, contact Engineered Efficiency: marc dot meyers at or call (866) 760-8724

James, AU, and Autodesk

I know, I’m a little late getting up some sort of post-AU review post. What can I say, I’m actually busy. I got to see and visit with a fair number of you while I was there, and my class on handling floodplains in Civil 3D went better than I expected. I took the Civil 3D Professional exam, and really enjoyed AU without booth duty. I had a few questions before, during and since AU regarding what I’m up to these days so I wanted to clear a little bit of confusion.

Raider Consulting, LLC that runs and maintains is my personal consulting company. I do training, implementation, and support for companies all over on an as needed basis–a  gunslinger for hire.

Many of you saw me working in the Autodesk AEC Lounge at AU and have seen me post on the Discussion Groups using an address, and wondered when that had happened. Right now, I’m working with Nick, Dana (Judge, not that crazy Probert chick,) and the rest of the QA team as a contractor to make Civil 3D a better product, so you’ll see me occasionally ask for data or information using that address. I think Nick takes real pleasure in being my boss of sorts.

To that end, I’m cutting back on some of my posts here, and I’m hoping my co-bloggers will step up some. I don’t want to be in a conflict with the obvious NDAs I’m working under, so you’ll see very few hard core posts from me over the next few months. I hope you’ll enjoy the posts from Mark, Matt, Kevin, Rick, Joshua and the rest of the team, or perhaps you’ll add your own voice to the mix. Drop me an e-mail if you want to get involved. wedding@ this domain.

Hope this clears up some confusion, and thanks for being part of the

Oh, and thanks Shaan for the picture.

James at AU

I’m headed to my tenth (!) AU on Monday morning and hope to see you there. I’m working in the Autodesk AEC Lounge this year, along with Nick Zeeben, Jason Hickey, Dana Judge, and a whole host of other smart folks, so come pick our collective brains.

I’ll be teaching on Tuesday, then in the AEC Lounge on Wednesday from 8-4 (minus the keynote,) then on Thursday from 10-2.The first person to mention Raider Consulting in the AEC Lounge will get a copy of the market-leading Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 book. You can probably even get Scott and I to deface it if you’d like.

This will be a short year for me this year, not being part of the EE booth lets me get out of Vegas right at my threshold, so I’m on a Thursday night flight. Short and sweet this year, but I still hope to see a lot of you there!