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Quick Tip: SAC Pi

In celebration of today being March 14th, I share this quick tip for the Civil 3D Subassembly Composer with you:

Need pi in a VB expression? Type system.math.pi

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Geometric Constraints

I was recently given the task of drawing up some concept layout plans for a high school. With an emphasis on concept, we don’t have an architect on board yet. I am definitely not qualified to start drawing up building plans so I did the next best thing. I found a few other local high schools with a similar student count and found them on Google Earth. A “few” clicks later I had linework for a concept high school building. How did I do it? Find out below the cut.

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Sanitary Forcemain System Modeling (SSA)

I recently had an opportunity to use the new Autodesk Storm & Sanitary Sewer Analysis tool to model a forcemain system.  Checkout these videos for some training\tips on setting up and modeling such a system.

2011-02-28_2229   2011.03.01-Part_II

Intersection Targets Gone Snaky

Have you ever created an intersection using Civil 3D’s magic intersection wizard?  Ok, it’s not magic, but it sure seemed that way when it was introduced.  So you’ve done one; has it ever looked totally wrong, or did something unexpected?  Read on to find out the details and the fix.

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Challenge: Try a new workspace

I’ll admit, I defaulted to the out-of-the-box Civil 3D workspace and made a few minor changes to the Quick Access Toolbar but other than that I tend to stay in my one happy little workspace. That is, until yesterday when I had to work with some GIS info and I decided to switch things up and hop over to one of the Geospatial workspaces. I think sometimes we (or at least I) forget that Civil 3D is built off of Map 3D. There is so much hidden power lurking in those other workspaces. So go ahead. Switch things up today and take a peek at the other workspaces! I challenge you to learn something new! (And be sure to let us know what you find.)