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Command Line Monkey

There are days that I just recall the oddest things.  Today is one of them.  While I like the ribbon and all, there are a few commands that aren’t on it, like the FIND command.  ( to Find and Replace… type _FIND at the command line)

If you have a vague idea of the command, start typing that command in, and press the TAB key until you locate the command you are looking for.


For example,  you seem frustrated with crashing, and would like some training. 

at the command line,


Press the TAB key until you arrive at:


if that doesn’t help, try stopping at:


If you are really frustrated stop at:

Command: ai_send_feedback

or as I did in the image, typed as to find ASSOCIATESHORTCUTPROJECT.

Happy keyboarding!

Note to you Civil 3ders – the Civil commands typically start with AECC.

One Million Served and Counting

Thanks to all of you that have visited, commented, and been part of for over three years now. We had our one millionth visitor last week and I wasn’t even watching! Based on the Comments from last Wednesday, Februay 4th, Alexis Rodriguez of PBS&J will be getting a prize pack of Autodesk & EE Swag in her mail soon. Alexis, drop me an e-mail with your preferred shipping address so we can get your goods out to you. I’ll be combing the records later today and sending out some more prizes, so be sure to check back.

User-Defined Contours

Designs in the real-world seem to not always and easily fall into nice round-even foot or meter increments.  With legacy software, one would change the contour intervals, import certain ranges, delete contours or a polyline to achieve the desired result.  That’s a lot of work.

Join me after the jump for a quick discussion.

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What Layer, Where?

In Civil3D it can get confusing knowing what layer is controlling what and why, especially if you are just starting out in Civil3D. So lets take a brief look at how layer control works in Civil3D.

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Creating those perfect labels

They are still are a few true drafters out there. Those who expect, no demand that their drawings look correct according to tried and true drafting standards and are willing to spend extra hours drafting to make it so.

With Civil3D there is less need to draft and more need to make the styles do the work for us. We are just going to briefly look at using an overlooked tool in label styles that will give you a lot more control on label placement after the jump.

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