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Civil 3D Feeds List

2010.01.24-Feed List

I recently presenting at the Civil Harrisburg Users Group (CHUG) where blog sites were listed as a resource to help folks learn Civil 3D.  To that end, you can download my feed list below.  It contains not only C3D blogs but also Autodesk’s Knowledge Base and Discussion Groups.

You can import into Internet Explorer or use an online news reader – what I prefer – like Google Reader, and I’m sure there are may more.  Online readers are nice because you can than access from anywhere with an internet connection to catch-up when you are board or have some time to kill.  Enjoy, and I hope this helps.


Download –> 2010.01.24-C3D Feeds


If your blog / RSS feed is not on the list (reseller or private) – you will have to download to know – please leave a comment and I will add and re-post the list.

Civil Harrisburg Users Group (CHUG)

If you are in the central Pennsylvania area, mark your calendars.  Of course I think this will be some worthwhile training. There will be BEVERAGE & FOOD at a minimum! 😉

Tuesday, January 19
6:00 – 8:30pm

Meeting location:
Lancaster Brewing Company
469 Eisenhower Boulevard
Harrisburg, PA 17111 -2302

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Take Charge of Your C3D Rollout

As of today we are up to 303 Civil 3D projects in Vault, company wide, and we just passed our one-year hallmark of our Civil 3D rollout.2009.12.16-Vault count



1. How many projects does your company have in Civil 3D?


2. How many years (or months) has your company been using Civil 3D on real world projects?



Leave a comment below…

If you are floundering with your rollout, here are a couple of key things we did that I think really helped.

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Free Training; Free Tech Support; Free Video Classes

There are no more excuses for not renewing your AutoCAD Civil 3D Subscription and using it! Please watch this short video to learn more about this fantastic offer from Engineered Efficiency and its nationwide network of EE Preferred Partner Autodesk resellers.

To learn more, contact Engineered Efficiency: marc dot meyers at or call (866) 760-8724

Delivering Mastering Civil 3D to Your Office or Group

I’ve got the roads to San Antonio and to Amarillo, pretty well memorized after all the trips I’ve made living here for over 20 years. And I know the flight codes for a lot of places, from Seattle to Manchester to Vegas to Kansas City.

But it’s time for me to find some new places to visit. As an independent consultant, I’m of the, “Have gun, will travel,” school, and will deliver training, consulting, or pizza to your company, whether next door or around the globe. I offer in-house expertise and real-world experience at a reasonable price, and will support your team throughout the process.

If you’re part of a local users group or part of local chapter of ASCE, NSPE, or the like, drop me a line too. I’m obviously a big fan of communities of users (this blog, AU, the discussion groups, etc.) and I’m a big fan of our professional societies. I want to support your efforts to support your membership, and will work with you to offer classes at a significant discount for your members.

If you want to know more about training or consulting for your office or group, drop me an email, wedding@ this domain, and let’s work together to create a plan for your future.