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Civil 3D Fundamentals: Description Keys

I really hate to do two fundamental posts back to back, but this was a request from one of my clients this morning. If I’m going to take the time to document something for one person, then I make the assumption that there may be someone else out there who would like the information as well, so I put it here. Quite honestly, it’s also a library that I create for myself as well – I can come back to one of my solutions and point it out for another customer later if needed.

So, today I am going to show a very broad overview of description keys. I’ll save any really in-depth discussion for a future post. To find out what that intimidating looking panorama is asking for, follow the link.   (note – for some reason, inline images and Windows Live Writer do not seem to agree completely with our layout…if you have your window maximized as you’re reading this, you may see some strange formatting issues.    Actually, you may see some strange formatting issues even if you don’t have a maximized window.   I apologize – I’ve spent about an hour trying to edit this to make it look acceptable.)

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You’ve Asked For It – Displaying Cut/Fill Values with DIFFERENT Colors

I normally don’t write “Hey, look what this guy’s posting!” articles, but this one is special, simply because it’s one of the coolest tips that I’ve seen for Civil 3D in a long time, and the whole world needs to know about it. Many people have asked for the old functionality of being able to list cut/fill values with different colors for cut and fill. We’ve been able to list spot elevations on a grid for a while, and for cut/fill values you would simply list those spots on a volume surface. People complained, though, that there was no visible difference (other than the negative sign) between cut values and fill values. Leave it to the genius that is called Peter Funk to come up with the answer – and thanks a LOT to Anthony Governanti for taking the time to document it on his blog. To see the workflow and set it up for yourself (or to download the template with the styles if you’re too lazy to set it up for yourself), go to Anthony’s Blog on the Civil Community Website.

Thanks, guys! Incredible work there…

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Ductile Iron Isn’t Reinforced Concrete

Your Pipe Network quick tip for the day. Using the default Part Catalog inDIPProblem C3D, the built-in material in the Ductile Iron Pipe Part Family is actually listed as Reinforced Concrete. This will show its head when you go to label a pipe with the material as part of the label. Be sure to modify this before adding sizes or you will have to modify each pipe after the fact.

Take My Style Please Part 2

This one came up again today for me so I thought I might share. It has been discussed a couple of times on the groups awhile ago. Those of you who are looking to have your station character fall on the alignment and have the text perpendicular to the alignment like LDT used to do here is a style to get you started. As James said in his styles post I think I build this one everytime I teach a class as well.

Login to get the dwg here.

Update: I have been informed Dana did a how to on this, so if you would like more than just the end result, check here.

Take My Style…Please!

It’s been documented in the groups a couple of times, but I build this style everytime I go to training. Read more