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EE’s Style Management Tools…for Free

OK, it’s a bit of a slow day on the Subscription post, so Mark and the guys at EE decided to liven it up apparently. Look, if you’re a CadManager, or even just the guy in charge of managing the template, and you don’t have ProPack yet, go get it now.

EE ProPack CadMgr Civil 3D add-on is now FREE!

Seriously, this is the best tool currently available for managing styles, and it will be for some time to come, so go get your free software groove-thing on.

Subassembly Names Disappear on Copy, Move or Mirror

Do your Subassembly names disappear whenever you use the subassembly commands “Copy to”, “Move to”, or “Mirror”?



After the jump learn how to resolve this issue.

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Standardizing Your Company – Part 3: Start at the Top

If you have been tuning in to these weekly posts then last week you would have taken the survey to determine whether your CAD standards are solid enough to proceed with a full-on Civil 3D implementation.  If you scored low and have work to do…what’s next?

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In Living Style?

No, I am not going to talk about Civil 3d object styles or James’ House of Styles.  I want to ask about the other styles – the base AutoCAD style – Named Plot Styles.  How many people are remaining in a pen-color-based (CTB) AutoCAD world?

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Object Layer Tip

Every open a Civil 3d drawing and begin creating an object and notice that the layer that you need to place an object like a FG surface is missing?  What tools do you have?  Check out a little tip after the jump.

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