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Survey Settings Template

I was asked recently how we can populate all those Survey Database settings with some standardized defaults. I suspect everyone has some changes to make, such as localized datums and allowable errors that are not half a foot. Autodesk Civil 3D provides a way to save all the settings similar to some Civil round-about setting defaults – by path and file.

Open Project and Save Settings

Civil 3D Survey Database SettingsFirst, navigate to the Survey Tab of the Toolspace Dialog, and open a project that has settings that are formatted as you like. When complete, all new projects will start with these parameters, so now is a good time to make last minute adjustments. No worries, you can always change them as needed.

Select that project’s header, and then pick ‘Edit survey database settings’. The database settings dialog will appear allowing you to apply your changes. Read more

SAP: Import Points

The Civil 3D Subscription Advantage Pack is finally available.  Autodesk teased us by releasing the AutoCAD and Map packs a few days before this.  My first instalment of reviews of these tools regards the point import tool.

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Fix the Spaghetti

So you’re a surveyor who wants to make the most of automated linework creation in
Civil 3D 2011.  You tried your best whilst surveying, but you end up with lines connected where they shouldn’t.  What to do?  Read on…

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Survey User, Pipe Catalog and AutoCAD Profile Settings

As described in the post “Setting the Survey database Units (Coordinate System) could be CRITICAL” and followed up in the post “Pushing Survey Database Defaults” there are settings you may want to pay attention to so you avoid a 5’ shift in your survey base mapping!  Additionally, if you have any type of customization you want to complete in the Pipe Network Catalog you probably want to copy the default catalog that comes with the product to a network location and point each workstation to the new location.

In the past, I though you had to push these setting to each machine by a registry merge.  A much simpler way is to set the paths before you export your company AutoCAD Profile.  Learn more after the jump…

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Civil 3D Coordinate Conversions

It’s way above and beyond the three hours and two summers of Surveying that I did in college, but if you’re getting deep into dealing with survey in C3D, you’ll want to read this. Edward James Surveying, Inc. has shared a great article, Civil 3D Coordinate Conversions written by frequent Autodesk Discussion group contributor, Richard Sincovec, LSI.

Way deep, but really thorough. Keep the link handy for the day you have to deal with the mess that is the real world.