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Subassembly Composer Series: Part 3: Conditionals

Conditionals really are one of the great aspects of the Subassembly Composer and really I think that you are going to end up with a conditional of some sort in every subassembly you make once you realize their functionality (unless of course you are doing a super simple subassembly that is one-size-fits all). But before we dive in, lets make sure that you read Part 1 about putting together the flowchart and Part 2 about setting up and using variables.

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Subassembly Composer Series: Part 2: Variables

So you read Part 1 on Friday and you can’t wait to hear all about the conditionals and decisions that I promised to talk about next, right? But first we need to talk about variables and so I am going to sneak this discussion in as Part 2 and conditionals will have to wait for Part 3.

I am sure everyone has spent all weekend playing with the Subassembly Composer because it can be downloaded to your home computer while Civil3D sits all alone on your work computer back at the office all weekend. You are a regular expert at putting points and links into the flow chart and even using a sequence or two, (You did read my comment on the last post that you can nest sequences, right?) so what else is there to learn…

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Subassembly Composer Series: Part 1: The Flowchart

As you should all know from Joshua Modglin’s post the other day, the Autodesk Labs have released the Autodesk Subassembly Composer (hereafter referred to as SAC because I like abbreviations). It’s still in beta form but there is some nice features hidden behind its innocent user interface.

I’m going to make some assumptions here. First I am going to assume 1) you have already read Joshua’s post and 2) you were so excited you already downloaded it to your machine. I’ll wait here while you take care of that…

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Autodesk Subassembly Composer

Recently I asked for input on what to write about regarding Civil 3D .Net API blog posts (still open to input!!!). So far the majority of the responses have been in connection with how to create a custom subassembly in .Net. Interestingly Autodesk Labs released a new standalone application that will do just that this week for testing!! Let’s walk through this tool and see the potential it has.

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Cross Slope Lane Matching

Inspired by the Advanced Daylighting post on the Being Civil blog I thought I would share a situation that come up at my company that made me put my thinking cap on.  In this particular case the designer wanted to control the RIGHT lane slope with two alignments – and of course profiles.  In addition, he wanted the LEFT lane to match the variable right lane slope.  Last but not least, both lanes would need to have the ability to have variable widths and the cross sections for the Corridor needed to center on the centerline of the road (in this example “Align 2”).

2009.11.16-Diagram of Need

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