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Today I’ve started my own channel on YouTube. The combination of Jing, YouTube, and a fast connection make it too easy to share quick videos with you. You can check it out at I will generally also embed the videos here, but jump to YouTube for the full resolution display. I’m recording them at 1280×720 to match the Autodesk vids, so hopefully it will work well for everyone!

Make the jump to view the first video, using 3D Polylines to show ROW lines in Section Views. Read more

Civil 3D 2010: Quick Review

Just like last year, I’m going to run through my thoughts on the highs, the lows, and the WTF of Autodesk’s latest release. There are a number of serious improvements in the box this year. Some you’ve heard them talk all about, some are much more subtle, but are real winners in my book. This next week, the full EE team will be hitting on their favorites in more detail, but we wanted to give you the main talking points from our point of view. Make the jump to get quickfix review of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010.

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Hydraulic Modeling (Part 1.2)

Earlier this week, Engineered Efficiency announced the release of the EE ProPack Hydro add-on into the wild.  [Hopefully before this post hits, but if not it should be real close].  In Part 1 of the Hydraulic Modeling series, we discussed the theory of the River Reaches and cross-sections. 

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Hydraulic Modeling (Part 1)

Ever since I started as a young engineer, I have been tasked with the Hydraulic Modeling for many projects.  That is, I have used nearly everything and anything to pull cross-section data to model in WPS2, LISLE, HEC-2, and HEC-RAS.    Too many hours spent reading poor copies of dot-matrix-microfished data has left my wrist sore and my eyes a little tired.   At least people left me alone as I punched away at the number keys as a skillful accountant might during the middle of tax season. 

Back in the days of DCA / Softdesk – we drew polylines,  cut and labeled sections, and manually entered data.  When the tools became available, we exported the HEC-2 output.   The polylines pretty well stayed the same with some of the more automated tools. 

One thing remained constant – we always need to demonstrate, in plan, where this cross-section information is located. Read more

Sampling to the ROW

A post popped up in the Adesk Discussion Groups about how to adjust the sampling widths of sections to match a variable width ROW. If you’ve ever needed to adjust your sections, read on for more information.

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