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AU Tip: Split Profile Vertical Curve Label Style

During my AU class, image"Best of the Blogs," I created a style for a Vertical Curve label that didn’t fall apart when the profile view was manually clipped in the middle of a vertical curve. The stock label for curves looks like this picture if you clip the view in its midst.

To fix the problem you’ll need to adjust the attachment points of some components.  I’ll show you where after the jump.

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EECast: Working with Profiles

Just a reminder, I’m doing the weekly cast on Monday, noon Eastern, on Working with Profiles. Register here, and remember, we’re giving away an AU pass to a luck attendee–you must attend to win!

Spot Slope Label in Profile

We are working on a roadway extension project for a site that only has a stub street.   We have the EG ground sampled and the profile view has been created.  My proposed grade needs to start from the end of the street’s concrete apron and needs to match the existing slope or I need a transition area.

But I want to label only that first existing tangent. How do I label this one short little segment.  

This question stumped me for a minute. 

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Critiquing the Criteria

It is nice to come from behind the coding page and peek at some of the new features of C3D 2009. One of the new features that caught my eye was being able to set design criteria. What is it and how can it help you?

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Profile (or Alignment) Toolbar Acting Funny?

While I do like the new modeless toolbars for both alignments and profiles in Civil 3D 2008, I do find three potential problems that users can sometimes encounter.

Read on to learn about why your buttons may go “gray” or other glitches.

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