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Point Cloud Enhancements

Have you been to Autodesk Labs?  Do you wish there was more you could do with Point Clouds inside Civil 3D?  Some ground breaking things if you click “more” below.

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Point Symbols Disappear on “Export to AutoCAD”

If you have experienced the issue of point symbols disappearing when you use the “Export to AutoCAD 20XX” commands you are not alone.  This was a tricky issue that would veer its ugly head every now-and-then and stumped my company for years.  There is a good post Compatibility 101 – part 2 that was recently published and the message of setting PROXYGRAPHICS to 1 (ON) was well received to avoid having to perform an Export to AutoCAD.  However, as outlined in that post, there are still some times when Export to AutoCAD is needed.

Below is a pic of the issue.  After the jump check-out a tip that might help you overcome this issue.

2011.02.09-Exported a File

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SAP: Import Points

The Civil 3D Subscription Advantage Pack is finally available.  Autodesk teased us by releasing the AutoCAD and Map packs a few days before this.  My first instalment of reviews of these tools regards the point import tool.

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Subscription Advantage Packs for 2011

Today is Blogger Day here at the AEC headquarters in Waltham Massachusetts. Autodesk locked a few of us in a boardroom with the likes of James Wedding, Dana Probert, Dave Simeone, and David Mills. Then we were force-fed all of the new features and allowed to BLOG about it before the official press release.

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Displaying Lat/Long in Decimal Minutes

We recently had a client request that we display the Latitude and Longitude of Cogo Points formatted as degrees and decimal minutes.  This format seems to have become a standard display format of many hand-held GPS units.  Unfortunately, Civil 3D does not contain a built-in option for formatting Latitude and Longitude in decimal minutes.  No problem, I thought…  I’ll simply use some expressions.  But it turned out to be a much more difficult task than I expected…  Read on for the details.

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