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Pipe and Structure Profile Label Styles

I decided that by sharing I could come up with some decent ideas from the Civil 3D community and who knows, and maybe somebody would learn something new (myself included). This week I’m going to share with you the pipe and structure label styles that we utilize for profile annotation. More after the jump.
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2011 – Pipes

Split networks.

Merge networks.

Pipes from polyline – use Invert, Crown, or Centre.

Matt Kolberg

Static Null Structure Descriptions

Yes you heard me, static null structure descriptions! One of the most annoying things about null structures when designing a storm system are the description resetting if you make any changes to the connected pipes inverts or within the structure properties. I would always find myself having to go back through each null structure to make sure it did not reset.  For the longest time I looked high and low to see if anyone had found a way to fix this or work around this issue. Make the jump to learn my workaround. Read more

Being Civil: How To Add Custom Part Sizes

I absolutely hate going into this dialog, so when I do, I always struggle to click in the right places. Thanks to Seth over at Being Civil: Part Builder: How To Add Custom Part Sizes I can breathe a bit easier.

Keep Your Pipe Network Structures Out of The Sea

Have you ever went to Draw Pipe Network Parts in Profile View only to have the Profile View become a “Sky Scraper” or in the case of setting the Profile View elevations to user specified, not have any of the pipe network parts show at all?  (That’s because they’re lost in the Sea, Right?  Well not really, they just have an elevation that is 0.00 or less.)  Sea Level, get it?  OK, maybe that was a stretch.


Has it been so early in the design process that your co-worker wants to get started on the Storm Sewers design before you’ve even touched the PG surface and they want to get started preliminarily on the pipe calcs. and you’re afraid to define any Pipe Networks until you get the PG finalized or at least close to done?

I’m going to make an educated guess that some of you have.  This topic might be somewhere out in Blog Land or Discussion Depths, but I occasionally see this happen to a few users.  Hopefully this post will help those few and/or it may just create an additional item to your list of best practices. Make the jump for a tip that may just stop any of those from ever happening.

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