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Don’t Be Encased in Manually Drafting

One of the main benefits of using object based design is having the ability to make the “drafting” a much more efficient task or bi-product of the design. A basic drafting entity shown on plans is the location of concrete pipe encasements. These encasements are usually required when utility crossings don’t allow for enough vertical or horizontal separation or if the fill height is too shallow and may need structural support. A typical concrete encasement on a sanitary pipe is nothing more than a concrete poured surrounding, a minimum of 6 inches thick around the pipe, for a required minimum length. When they are needed to be shown on both plans and profiles, I see many users taking a lot of time to draft these concrete encasements “manually”.

Civil 3D gives us users another, (not so obvious), option. In this post, I’ll share with you an idea of using the Pipe Network tools to give us a better, (I think more fun), way to add these encasements to your projects.

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Being Civil: How To Add Custom Part Sizes

I absolutely hate going into this dialog, so when I do, I always struggle to click in the right places. Thanks to Seth over at Being Civil: Part Builder: How To Add Custom Part Sizes I can breathe a bit easier.

Civil3Dpedia: Civil 3D Part Builder – Not JUST 3D

David Neill has a nifty post over on civil3dpedia regarding the addition of custom variables within a custom part. Nifty, in that I guess if you need this, here it is.

Civil 3D Part Builder – Not JUST 3D – Part 2 | EE Civil3Dpedia.

A few things to remember for all of you that just think you have to dig into partbuilder:

  1. 95% of the display issues I’ve EVER seen can be handled with styles. Perhaps a little drafting on top.
  2. Custom parts will not go in and out of StormSewers in any way shape or form.
  3. Custom parts are notoriously difficult to share internally, and when you send them out, you’ll have issues sharing there as well.

None of this should be to imply that you can’t and won’t have success with PB. But really, unless you abso-fricking-lutely have to, I wouldn’t suggest you dance in that mine field.

Setting Frame, Grate & Cover for Parts

Have you ever wanted to enter custom data for Frame, Grate, and Cover in the Civil 3D Parts Lists?  If you have, you may have had difficulties getting the data to stick (at least with Civil 3D 2009).  For example, you type in custom information, click  “OK”, and then go back into the part the custom data is gone!

After the jump, see how you can get the data to stick.


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Civil 3D Pipe Network Part Builder Survey

Do you use or need custom Civil 3D pipe network Parts? If so, please take our little Parts survey after the jump.

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