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Purging Civil 3D Object Blocks to Shrink Drawing Size

If you haven’t been able to resist the urge to explode Civil 3D objects, or you copied and exploded a surface to extract some contour information, you may not realize that there are monsters lurking in your drawing.

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The Art of the Span: Removing Natural Vertices using an Express Tool

One of the things that became clear during the Spanning Label posts I wrote a few weeks ago was that you needed to weed out any unnecessary natural vertices in your linework before turning them into parcels.

Sure, you can use Map Cleanup to help with this, but I rediscovered a nifty Express Tool called “Overkill” that fixes vertex problems in a snap.

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LegalWorks Update

A while back, I wrote an article about a program developed to assist surveyors with writing legal descriptions. LegalWorks is a program written by Terry Dotson of DotSoft. It’s a great program, easy to use, and pays for itself with the first legal description that you create with it. Well, I received an email recently from Terry letting me know that the program had been updated. It sat in my inbox for a while until I finally got around to updating the program. Now, I’ve been showing this to clients this week, and they’re simply amazed at what the program can do (look for a purchase soon, Terry….) However, I wish I’d had the update earlier this week (I know, I know, I had it, just being a procrastinator.) Here’s why the new version is so cool – click more to find out…

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Don’t do this… unless you want to break your span

Would she just SHUT UP about the span labels?  Jeez. 

So James gave me a template to write, and being the big nerd that I am, instead of taking coffee breaks, I take spanning breaks.

I had been having a problem where for seemingly random reason, I would suddenly have natural vertices appear on my parcel segments where I had been so careful not to create any.

Well during my last spanning break, I figured out how I was breaking my span.

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The Art of the Span: A Style to Play With

The past few days have been extra spantastic for me, if you couldn’t tell.  I couldn’t rest without sharing a little bit more about how these labels work…. and how you can really REALLY understand what they are doing and how to get them to work for you every time in a predictable way. 

Tonight’s post is kind of like Picture Pages with Bill Cosby.  Remember those when you were a kid?  The idea is that you build a sample style and play along to see how things react.  I may leave you with more questions than I answer tonight, but guaranteed you will have a better grasp on what is actually happening to your labels.

I put together a spanning label style that has some “indicators” built into it.  You should build something similar and go through some trials with this sample label so that you can better understand how the spanning label behaves.

I will not be repeating too much from yesterday’s posts, so please be sure to refer to them for more information.

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