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User-Defined Contours

Designs in the real-world seem to not always and easily fall into nice round-even foot or meter increments.  With legacy software, one would change the contour intervals, import certain ranges, delete contours or a polyline to achieve the desired result.  That’s a lot of work.

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Feature Line Styles Control What?

So, sometimes you just simply forget a feature exists in the software. There’s just so much new stuff in the application that you are trying to learn with every release, and you get sucked into the big ticket items like Surface Simplify or improved Data Shortcuts. Then you’re sitting in a meeting one day, talking about something else and you mention a good idea for a new feature. The fun part is when the developer looks at you and says, "It already does that."

Then your whole development life flashes before your eyes, and you remember that, yeah, it does already do that, but I’ve forgotten that, and so has the person next to me, and the person you wrote the books with forgot too. Then you know it’s time to write a blog post and throw your ego up on a pole and simply say, "Oops."

So what’s the magic feature? The headline helps, but read more after the jump.

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REGEN Rules Part II: More "Under the Hood"

A few weeks ago I wrote a post called REGEN Rules that presented some ideas for datasharing and layout creation that would (hopefully) mitigate the torturous regen times that some of you are experiencing. Since then, I’ve had a little help understanding more about what is happening in the program. Special thanks to Lisa, one of the developers in Manchester, for helping me brainstorm some ideas and giving me a look behind the scenes.

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Object Layer Tip

Every open a Civil 3d drawing and begin creating an object and notice that the layer that you need to place an object like a FG surface is missing?  What tools do you have?  Check out a little tip after the jump.

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Expand (and Collapse) ALL in Toolspace

It’s been a VERY long time since I posted anything here. I’ve been busy, but I’m always keeping my eye out for a cool (and short) tip I could blog. Well I found one today!

UPDATE: Marcello correctly pointed out a mistake in my original post. Ctrl+right arrow expands the collection and Ctrl+left arrow collapses EVERYTHING. To collapse only the highlighted collection, press SHIFT+left arrow. Thanks, Marcello.

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