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Pressure Pipe Modeling with the Corridor Tools (PART II)

As a follow-up to the post “Pressure Pipe Modeling with the Corridor Tools“ see how to apply a design to your model, how the model updates all the crossings, and how you can project the design pressure pipe onto a road centerline profile.  Check it out after the jump…

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Survey User, Pipe Catalog and AutoCAD Profile Settings

As described in the post “Setting the Survey database Units (Coordinate System) could be CRITICAL” and followed up in the post “Pushing Survey Database Defaults” there are settings you may want to pay attention to so you avoid a 5’ shift in your survey base mapping!  Additionally, if you have any type of customization you want to complete in the Pipe Network Catalog you probably want to copy the default catalog that comes with the product to a network location and point each workstation to the new location.

In the past, I though you had to push these setting to each machine by a registry merge.  A much simpler way is to set the paths before you export your company AutoCAD Profile.  Learn more after the jump…

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Setting Frame, Grate & Cover for Parts

Have you ever wanted to enter custom data for Frame, Grate, and Cover in the Civil 3D Parts Lists?  If you have, you may have had difficulties getting the data to stick (at least with Civil 3D 2009).  For example, you type in custom information, click  “OK”, and then go back into the part the custom data is gone!

After the jump, see how you can get the data to stick.


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We Don’t Need No Stinking Patches

Well, yeah, ok maybe we do. Especially if we’re running Vault. Somehow, the boys and girls in Manchester managed to get the patch for 2008 to play with ADMS (Vault) 2009 uploaded and it slipped by us. Read on for more info and the link.

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DWG to Play Nice with WAN Guys

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you. In what can only be seen a a complete refusal of Autodesk to listen to my completely narrow and unfounded business advice, they’re changing the dwg format to play along with the WAN guys. You can read the InfoWorld article here. (Exclusive? Come on, Eric, we’ve had cocktails at AU! Hook a brother up!)

It makes sense in light of the upcoming format change, but I wonder if this means that Autodesk will now kowtow to the graphic card and plotter vendors when the new versions break something in those systems. In my opinion, it’s a slippery slope, and generally says that the WAN accelerator market (or at least the big fat subscription customers running them,) is more powerful than many considered. Good for them I guess.

Considering this is still a year away, anyone taking bets that Riverbed and Silver Peak put the kibosh on sales to AEC firms? Me neither.

We’ll be watching this story continue to develop, it’s a good one.

Many thanks to Rizzo and others that sent this over.