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Civil 3D Implementations and a Review of CAD Camp

Thanks to all our readers here who attended AUGI CAD Camp in Birmingham, AL this past Tuesday. I got some really good feedback from some of our attendees, and did an informal poll during my first presentation that leads me to believe two things – first of all, we have some very interested readers. That excites me. Secondly, there are quite a few people already using Civil 3D in production, and a lot more that are interested in it. I got to hang out with some great people, answered a lot of questions, and learned some things while I was there. Read more

An Incredible Tool for Surveyors

One of the most boring and lengthy jobs that a surveyor can do is writing legal descriptions. Legal descriptions are the bane of the surveyor’s existence. If you were to ask for a legal description on a particular parcel definition from 20 different surveyors, they would all look different. Each surveyor has his or her own way that they want the legal to read. The same information is there, but the phrasing is different everywhere. To date, there has been no really good way to automate the writing of legal descriptions. LandXML Reporting does a fair job, but editing the XSL style sheets is difficult at best, and requires a working knowledge of the XML language. So far, I’ve never found a really, really good legal description writer. However, that changed over the weekend.

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MDI In Land Desktop?

I’ve been proven wrong twice today…

I was contacted yesterday by a user, Keith Kempker, about whether Land Desktop could be run in MDI mode (Multiple Document Interface). Well, no, it never has been able to, why now? Well, it seems as if there is a option on the System tab of Options in Land Desktop that allows you to run in SDI mode or MDI. I dismissed it as being something in there as a holdover from AutoCAD, but no, it works. I got a report back from him today that said he did, in fact, have multiple drawings and multiple projects open at once. I verified this with James Wedding, who was sitting next to me at the time.

My question was “HOW?” His answer – “Magic”

Anyway, here’s a screen shot so you’ll know where to find it:

Have Fun!