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Autodesk website offers more on Autocad Civil product

A couple weeks ago, we told you about Autodesk’s plans to retire Land Desktop and to release a trimmed down verion of Civil 3D. On Friday, they went live with a few pages on their website with more info. Link after the jump.

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LDT 2008 Part Deux

To piggyback on something James said, and to set the record straight for quite a few VERY disgruntled LDT users today…

If you have LDT, Civil Design, and Survey on subscription, you will ONLY receive LDT 2008 in the mail.    Civil Design and Survey are no longer subscription items.   The only way you can receive those two programs is to upgrade your LDT license to Civil 3D.   Then, your package will come with 2 DVD’s – one for C3D, and one for LDT, Civil Design Companion, and Survey companion (yes, they’re all on the same DVD now.)

If this makes you unhappy, call your reseller.   There are some incredible prices and incentives for upgrading your license to Civil 3D (I’m not quoting pricing here, but it’s pretty close to what you pay for subscription)  

As James said, see the writing on the wall.   Get on the bus while it’s still at the station, because it’s going to cost to get you on board later in the journey.

LegalWorks Update

A while back, I wrote an article about a program developed to assist surveyors with writing legal descriptions. LegalWorks is a program written by Terry Dotson of DotSoft. It’s a great program, easy to use, and pays for itself with the first legal description that you create with it. Well, I received an email recently from Terry letting me know that the program had been updated. It sat in my inbox for a while until I finally got around to updating the program. Now, I’ve been showing this to clients this week, and they’re simply amazed at what the program can do (look for a purchase soon, Terry….) However, I wish I’d had the update earlier this week (I know, I know, I had it, just being a procrastinator.) Here’s why the new version is so cool – click more to find out…

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Point/CounterPoint: Should Survey Firms Adopt Civil 3D?

I’ve owed this conversation to one of my students in San Diego for a few weeks now- and since we are on a roll with our Point/CounterPoint discussions- why not this one?

Survey is built into Civil3D now, but is it really a solution that our purely survey and mapping clients can sink their teeth into?  Who has tried it?  What are the alternatives?

So- I need some Devils, their Advocates and otherwise to pipe in with their experiences, successes, heartaches and opinions… (this means you EMU and JR!)



HP48GX With TDS Data Collection And Civil 3D

Today, on the POB Message Board, a gentleman named Danny Wilson asked about downloading a HP48GX data collector with TDS software to Civil 3D. I can understand the question, as I’ve had to answer it before, and feel like our HP users are being left out in the cold…

Luckily, R.K. McSwain was on hand to point Mr. Wilson to a previous post of mine regarding this subject. Unfortunately, someone really misunderstood the question, and seemed to disagree with my article. Please allow me to explain…I’d do it there, but don’t want to sign up for a yet another membership to forget.  (For what it’s worth, I found this on our referrer stats.   As of 12:16 AM Eastern Time, 55 people had visited from that link, so I can see that there’s some real interest in this subject.)
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