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Slope Labels Should Point Downhill

Today on the discussion group, a user requested a surface label where the arrow always points downhill. Now, for a single point surface label, this is “automagic,” and doesn’t require any real tricks. And if you use a single line label on a line with three dimensions, it’s pretty simple too, as long as you use one of the default line labels with the Slope components. These have already been setup to rotate the arrow. But a Surface Two Point Slope label? That’s a new one. Make the jump to see how it’s done and grab a drawing with the style built-in.

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Background Masking

Most of my blog entries are simplistic in nature. This is on purpose. My validation is that somewhere, someone is a brand new Civil 3D user. so my posts are aimed at them (as well as the Introducing C3D book). So this is a continuation on that vein. The rest of you more seasoned veterans can follow along too.

Have you ever wondered why or how the background mask sets its invisibility? Check it out after the jump.

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Engineering 101: Manning’s Expression

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the Manning’s equation as it relates to the Hydraflow Extensions.    Have you ever wanted to label your pipe with the flow and pipe velocity?  Join me for a little expression…no not, Impression.

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when a point isn’t the point

When is a point, not a point? 

This is something I get asked about and I finally did something about it last week to add this to our templates. 

That is, rather, how do you label a coordinate without creating a point object?  If we create a point, we need to think about the number and the description of that point.

Here are two suggestions:

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AU Tip: Labeling a Surface

In the back of the room at my Best of the Blogs class at AU, a sidebar discussion broke out regarding why C3D doesn’t/can’t automatically label a surface for you. While I had to stop down the discussion to keep things on track, one of the attendees actually had a good tip on this subject, shared it with me after the class, and now I share it with you. Follow the jump to see Steve Boon’s solution for nearly instant surface labeling.

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