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Super-Secret Style Getter – V3.0

A LONG time ago Dana Probert suggested a method to grab styles from one file and quickly add them to the current file (V1.0).  Engineered Efficiency created a tool and placed it in their ProPack (V2.0).  You can find the post here

Civil 3D 2011 has two new tools.  Read on…

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Spot Elev Rounded to 0.05-feet

A question came up today from our Pittsburg branch:

“How can I make Civil 3D round spot elevations to the nearest five-hundredths of a foot (0.05’)?”

I knew creating an EXPRESSION was the answer but I just didn’t know how to accomplish this task.  So after putting my noodle on the solution over the afternoon – from time-to-time when I needed a break from real work – I came up with the final expression around dinner.

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Label Latitude & Longitude in GPS Coordinate Format

How do you label the Latitude and Longitude of a location in a GPS Coordinate format?

“What is most often known as GPS format, is displayed as (DDD,MM.MMMM) in which seconds are converted to decimal minutes, as a minute value. Seconds have the value of 0 to 60, with 0 and 60 (usually designated as 0 to 59 and then restarting at 0) being the same value, minutes have the same characteristics and degrees are valid from 0 to 180 and 180 to 0, (0 and 180 do NOT have the same value) both North and South of the equator, and East and West of the prime meridian.”

Make the jump to see my solution to a client request.

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New Video: Profile Data in Your Major Station Labels

Check it out on the YouTube channel. I suggest subscribing to the channel so you’ll be notified when we get these videos posted.

Also, let me know if you’re having problems with this one, it played back OK here, but I had issues from another office yesterday. Thanks.

Contour “Hooks” into Existing Grade

This one’s for Lucy since she inspired the idea. Many users have to place small glyphs, ticks, dots, whatever as “hooks” into the existing ground when showing proposed surfaces. It’s a bit of a hassle, but with a little labeling trick, you can get 90% of them done almost automatically. Make the jump to see my solution.image

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