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No Spine Jokes, It’s Just Too Easy.

It’s been a few weeks in coming, but I’m finally able to get my interview with Tom Spine up and ready for your enjoyment. This one’s not as long as my conversation with Peter, but I think it’s got some great insight into the process that is making C3D sausage.

“Who’s Tom Spine?” you ask. Listen here and find out.

Another Interview: Dave Kasha of Stantec

Ralph Bond, a recent addition to the Autodesk PR team, has done a great series of short interviews with Dave Kasha of Stantec. We’ve known Dave a long time, and really like his approach to C3D implementation. Check out the segments after the jump.

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Direct from the Funk.

It’s always good to have friends come visit. This week, many of my friends in the Autodesk Civil team were in town at their Plano office. They’re working on great things for the next year and beyond. In spite of his crazy schedule, Peter Funk was kind enough to play guinea pig for our first recorded interview.¬†Take a listen¬†after the jump. Read more

Feeling Funky

So, I’m having lunch with Peter Funk today to discuss a number of things, but we’ve set aside some time to chat about all things Autodesk and Civil 3D related…on the record. I’ll be recording an interview with Peter to be broadcast here later in the week. So, what would you ask him? I’ve already got some questions written down, but post yours too. The best three or four will go direct to the man, and we’ll be sure to thank you. Any question is fair game, some just won’t get answered. Post your questions in the comments.