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Interview with Stan Greene of Autodesk

I spent some time in Manchester, NH last week, and had the opportunity to sit down with Stan Greene of Autodesk for one of our infrequent interviews. He talks about the Beta process, what happens with CERs, the recent reduction in Autodesk staff, and Autodesk’s commitment to the Civil Engineering industry. Follow the jump to get to the interview.
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Five Questions Answered: Dan & Dave

So it took a little bit longer than I hoped, but here are the answers, straight from the horses mouth. We’ve already put a few requests to play along for the next round, but feel free to comment and tell us who you would like to see on the seat. Dan and Dave and your Five Questions, after the jump.

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Five Questions With Dan and Dave

Part of a new occasionally recurring series, my friends Dave Simeone and Dan Philbrick have agreed to answer five interview questions from the audience. Submit your best question as a comment, and we’ll edit and pass them along for their written answers. This might take a while to get back, but we hope to see future versions with other members of the Autodesk (and other CE industry folks even) team that perhaps you’re less familiar with.  Be nice and be professional if you want your question used! This doesn’t mean you have to throw softballs, but don’t expect flames to be passed along.

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Beyond Parcel, Sewer, and Road Maps

As I traveled this past week to the Seattle area to visit a client, I had a four hour plane ride ahead of me. I don’t have a commute, so I tend to fall really behind on my podcasts, but as I flipped through my choices, I saw one that I simply had to listen to: Mapping on This America Life. Most C3D users spend so much time wrapped up in the minutiae of land development and our view of the world, that we often don’t even think about the other maps out there. Maybe some were made with software like we use, but a lot of maps are so specific, and so unusual, that they simply make you think, “What is a map?” The first “act” was based on sight, and my favorite of the bunch. Read more after the jump.

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Successful Civil 3D Implementations: A Case Study

Over the past several months, EE has worked with a few of our clients to create 3 case studies about successful Civil 3D implementations.

The 3 case studies are broken down by size of firm: Small (1-20 ppl); Mid-size (20-50); and Large (50+)

You can download the entire paper by following the link after the jump.

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