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Static Null Structure Descriptions

Yes you heard me, static null structure descriptions! One of the most annoying things about null structures when designing a storm system are the description resetting if you make any changes to the connected pipes inverts or within the structure properties. I would always find myself having to go back through each null structure to make sure it did not reset.  For the longest time I looked high and low to see if anyone had found a way to fix this or work around this issue. Make the jump to learn my workaround. Read more

Research Project and a Question

Two quick items this AM:

  1. How long do you let C3D crank before you hit Control-Alt-Delete? What’s your threshold for pain? Be as specific as possible, please, I’m working to develop some testing metrics.
  2. Do you know BOSS? Like REALLY know BOSS? Drop me an e-mail, wedding@ this domain, and let’s talk. I know someone in need of your genius.

Have a great Wednesday, folks!

HEC a Brother Out….

Today was the first day of AU sign up in case you missed it. Looks like things are going much smoother than in the past, but I have to imaging much of that is due to the diminished number of folks who will be going to AU without much thought. In the past you could count on the fanboys to jam the switchboard on day one. This year? I’m thinking a lot of us are seriously looking at cost-benefit ratios, and debating how much political capital it’s worth to make the trip. Personally, I don’t think AU can be beat. Three days of hardcore training and ideas for less than most consultants charge for a day in your office.

Anyway, I’m teaching “The Floodplain Truth in Civil 3D,” and I need some new data. I’ve played with the same floodplain data set and HEC-RAS model for a number of years and want something new. If you have a HEC-RAS model you’d be willing to share with me, please drop me a comment below. Obviously, you and your firm will get the much deserved credit for being so generous. Thanks.

Setting up Drainage Area Hydrographs

Last week I talked about the setup of Hydraflow Hydrographs for use when creating and using it for modeling drainages of concern. This week I’m going to talk about how to setup individual hydrographs for watersheds or drainage areas on a project site. Check out the full setup after the jump.

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It’s the Little Things – 2

As we considered last week, it is the little things that sometimes can make our day and before long we wondered how we lived without some of these little tweaks. This week we are going to look at another little addition to Civil3D.

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