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Tables From Survey Point Blocks

Civil 3D is probably one of few software’s that you use for years and never fully learn or use all it’s unique features and commands. I spend countless hours every week training myself and I always learn new things. Like everyone says “ there is always room to grow.” Anyways today I want to teach you how to used the EATTEXT command. Have you ever received a drawing from a surveyor, client, or developer an all the survey shots are survey point blocks? Lets say you need to create table for all the tree shots? That’s where the EATTEXT command comes in. EATTEXT command basically extract and compiles information and organizes them into a table. This feature can definitely come in handy for landscape architects. See below for step by step procedures to create a table from survey point blocks. Read more

AU 2010 is over… Or is it?

Now that I’m starting my recovery and detoxing from the events of last weeks Autodesk University, I wanted to drop a brief post to let everyone know, it’s not quite over.  And it’s the best time to start thinking about next years AU.

LOOK; LEARN; BE WOWED; and PLAN on attending next year’s AU.


Be on the look out.

In the near future, keep your eye on and the rest of the blogging community for all the great information that will be shared based on new approaches to utilizing Civil 3D as well as other new Autodesk  technologies.  I promise that  there will be some really exciting tips and tools that you may already have at your finger tips that you may not realize.

Importantly, AU is NOT over!

In addition to the regular AU’s events that were held in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay last week there are still many affiliated AU events happening around the world and quite possibly in your neighborhood.  These events are brought to you by way of Autodesk University Extension.

Starting December 6, 2010 and extending through February 11, 2011, AU Extension events are planned for cities worldwide. Each event, hosted by Autodesk Channel Partners, is unique and tailored to fit the specific needs of the local Autodesk community. Find an event that is close to you.

To Register go to

Get Excited for new Autodesk Technology.

Checkout Project Galileo.  Wow, you’re going to like what you see.  I guarantee it!
You have to check out this video…

Project Galileo is an easy-to-use planning tool for creating 3D city models from civil, geospatial and building data, and 3D models. Galileo also enables users to sketch conceptual infrastructure ideas within the 3D city model. Using Galileo, planners, GIS analysts, project managers, and architects can help stakeholders better understand infrastructure projects and plans in the context of the built and natural environment.

NOW is the time to plan for next year’s AU.

This is the time of year when all companies are strategizing and finalizing their annual budgets for the following year.  By all means, make sure they allow some room in the budget for allowing you to attend next years AU.  I know it’s very hard to try to do some convincing to your bosses in October to allow you to attend the yearly AU in November. 

Start convincing NOW!  There are so many reasons to attend.  The first main reason is that you will always learn something.  I have attended 5 AU’s and every single time I have learned something, (not just new), but also very valuable to my company and to my clients.  The Networking is second to none in the industry.  You will meet new and interesting people that have the same type of interests on all different levels. 

The one thing that I (personally) took advantage of this year is the certification exams.  They are held at AU all week long free of charge, and you can set yourself and your company apart from the other competition.  This in itself is a very good marketing tool for yourself as well as your entire company.  Having someone or multiple people certified in your office gives your clients that assurance that they will receive quality and efficient utilization of the software that is used in designing their project.  This is so important in today’s economy.  Seriously, make a point to bring it to your bosses attention now.  If their excuse or reasoning is the current economic troubles, then this point of selling AU to your boss as a marketing tool just might make him realize that the benefit is not just for the attending individual(s). It’s for the entire company!

If that’s not enough for your boss, drop me a line and I’ll add a few more reasons. 😉

Subscription Advantage Packs for 2011

Today is Blogger Day here at the AEC headquarters in Waltham Massachusetts. Autodesk locked a few of us in a boardroom with the likes of James Wedding, Dana Probert, Dave Simeone, and David Mills. Then we were force-fed all of the new features and allowed to BLOG about it before the official press release.

Read on for the details…

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Quick Tip – Location Shortcuts

Have you ever used a folder location over and over that you got tired of navigating to it even if you mapped it? Have you needed a folder location that was buried so deep in the Windows folder abyss that you fear you will never be able to find it again? If so, this tip may help you. See it after the jump.

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August’s Post of the Month

Thanks to the great team of authors at, this place continues to thrive without much help from me. I think all the readers out there appreciate their shared knowledge, and I hope you the reader will continue to add to the conversation by commenting on posts that interest or spark some new ideas for you.

Each month, I offer up a small prize for the post that I think is the post of the month. I tend to like the posts that spark some debate, and love the ones that find ways to make C3D do things it’s not really designed to do. With that in mind, Jonathan’s post on encasing pipes is the August post of the month. Go check it out if you missed it, there’s some great abuse of the software right there.

Do you think you can win the post of the month? We’re always looking for new authors! Leave me a comment here, full name obviously, and let’s talk. You don’t have to write often, you just have to be willing to share your brilliance with the community. September already has some great entrants, keep up the excellent work!