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Images in AutoCAD

I’ve fielded several support calls recently about images in AutoCAD.  They all revolved around AutoCAD’s performance, or lack thereof, in the matter.  Read on to find out how to remedy many of these problems.

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Tips for Presentations

There was a question on the discussion group the other day that got me thinking.  Some of you, certainly not all, need to put together documents with captures from your dialogs or your drawing window.  Could be an internal Memo, Training documentation, a Power Point, or even an AU paper.  This has nothing to do with Civil 3D directly, but it may be of some use to some of you.  Read on for a few tips.

Subassembly Composer is a Reality

The labs pre-release version has been inoperative for only a scant couple of weeks before we have a fully functional permanent version.  Create your own intelligent subassemblies WITHOUT needing to have a PhD in Visual Basic coding.  Read on and stay tuned for further posts in the near future.

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My new AutoCAD Architecture \ MEP Blog

Hey everyone.  As mentioned in my last post AutoCAD MEP into Civil 3D – Display View Representations, my latest venture is picking up as much as I can about AutoCAD MEP, which includes AutoCAD Architecture, for our process and wastewater plant designs.  I’m finding out there is just not as much help out there for AutoCAD MEP\Architecture as there is\was on AutoCAD Civil 3D; Autodesk weekly webcasts, blog sites, etc….  So, to help with that, as I learn more that I think is worthwhile sharing I’ll be posting on:


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Hope this helps:

  • index some of the good content out there
  • provide some help on the basics of the program
  • decode and show some “get it done” workflows when working in the program (horizontal and vertical sections, tagging, etc…)
  • and add some advanced “how-to’s” (coping content from catalogs, making parts, working with palettes, etc…

Thanks, and I hope it will help others that perhaps are on the same journey.

New Civil 3D Essentials Book

For those who have been around Civil 3D on blogs or at AU (and many other venues), you may have heard of or taking a class from Eric Chappell. Well, Wiley/Sybex has just released his book – AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 Essentials. It is filled with great illustrations (and I am not just talking pictures) and walk-throughs.

I definitely think you will find it is worth the read…

Check it out at Eric’s Blog or you can order it at Amazon.