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Deleting Featurelines from a Referenced Surface

If you create a surface in a drawing and reference that surface (sample with a profile) in the same drawing it locks some of the editing options for the surface.  For example you can’t delete the surface because Civil 3D knows your profile needs the surface so it can be sampled; makes sense.  Another option that is locked is the ability to delete BREAKLINES (featureslines) from the surface Definitions group.

After the jump learn how to delete those breakline sets so you can refresh with updated geometry.

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Non-destructive Breaklines

Do you use them at all? Do you understand how a non-destructive breakline works?  Does this link help?

Going back a few years ago, Jason Hickey posted a possible solution to add a curb island to a surface. There is a different way to add the same flow line/edge of pavement edge.  The original post is here. For my alternate solution, follow the jump. Read more

Projecting Feature Lines in to Profile Views

One of the coolest little tricks in the 2010 Feature Line updates is the ability to project FLs into your profile views. While just representing them is cool and is helpful, the magic moment occurs when you realize you can edit elevations via the Profile View. Check out the new YouTube after the jump to see the short tour.

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EECast: Intro to Feature Lines

Eric and I are visiting New Hampshire this week and had the chance to discuss topics for the next few months of EECasts. We’re definitely reading the comments, and will be working to pull in a Part Builder session, a pipes session, and a lots session, but next week, I’m going to run through feature lines. We’ll look at creation methods, editing and the feature line tools. We’ll also look at sites and styles and why they matter to you and end the discussion with some best practices tips. Register at

A Wise Word

I have been playing tech support today trying to solve the riddle of a old project that was, then wasn’t and now is back in production.   The problem today has been the rotation and coordinate system across a number of files. 

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