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Interview with Stan Greene of Autodesk

I spent some time in Manchester, NH last week, and had the opportunity to sit down with Stan Greene of Autodesk for one of our infrequent interviews. He talks about the Beta process, what happens with CERs, the recent reduction in Autodesk staff, and Autodesk’s commitment to the Civil Engineering industry. Follow the jump to get to the interview.
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C3D 2009 Update 1

Looks like I heard the right song. Update 1 is here. Sic ’em!

Link probably will take a bit to download, but at least you can read the readme.

We Don’t Need No Stinking Patches

Well, yeah, ok maybe we do. Especially if we’re running Vault. Somehow, the boys and girls in Manchester managed to get the patch for 2008 to play with ADMS (Vault) 2009 uploaded and it slipped by us. Read on for more info and the link.

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All Signs Are Positive

The Magic Eight-ball sometimes delivers on your wishes. It’s not often that we give up free styles, but since this is one of my favorite hacks, and will probably be part of my AU class, here’s one for Sue. The point label style in the attached dwg file will label positive’s but not negatives with a sign. Follow the jump to see how.

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Don’t be a Beta Dork

With the essentially open Beta system that Autodesk uses now, it’s almost part of your job to get involved and get a preview. Even if you don’t want to test and comment, it’s homework and good practice to know what’s coming.

But please, for the sake of all that is holy, don’t be a beta dork. Don’t be a burden on the process. We discussed this over a year ago, but it appears it needs revisiting. Go read:

TheĀ  Rules of Beta.

No, really. Go read it now. Yes, I’m talking to you. Then, go post if you must.